How andMe boosted their Mobile Revenue by 3x with Vajro Mobile app

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About andMe

andMe is India's first brand that emphasizes women's health. As a wellness brand, they solely focus on wellness for women, and bringing convenient, goodness filled solutions for their problems

Being frustrated themselves by the lack of healthy solutions for women’s problems like PCOS and PCOD, and so much more, the store’s founders Shetta Mittal and Ankur Goyal, decided to take a stand.

The Goals

Understanding how 90-95% of their traffic came from mobile devices, the store decided to offer the best mobile shopping experience with a dynamic mobile app! With clear objectives in mind, they dove into the search for the right mobile app builder.

  • Building and launching an app in less time
  • Offer the best user experience with a mobile app
  • Improve customer retention
  • Optimize customer engagement

The Solution

Their search for the right mobile app builder for their online store led them to Vajro. Vajro is the most reviewed top-rated mobile app builder on the market for Shopify stores! With a wide range of features, over 50 exhaustive integrations and so much more, the store quickly achieved their objectives once they found Vajro!

  • Simple Builder

One of the store’s main concerns was that they did not have an in-house development team for a mobile app. Vajro’s simple drag-and-drop builder took the need for any coding knowledge out of the equation! With the help of Vajro’s expert support team, the store built and launched their app in a matter of just days!

  • Real-time Notifications

With Vajro, the store was able to set up automated and scheduled notifications that allowed them to keep in touch with their customers more efficiently, and boost their retention! They really upped their engagement game with rich media notifications that enabled them to send real time notifications with images, videos and GIFs!

  • An Enhanced Shopping Experience

With Vajro’s exhaustive list of integrations and meticulously developed features, andMe was able to offer the best mobile shopping experience to their customers. Apart from the plugin, StorifyMe, the store has also been using Vajro’s live video selling platform Blynk to maximize retention, and keep their customers engaged!

The Results

It took little time for andMe to achieve their goals with their mobile app, and the store was more than pleased with the results! With Vajro’s real-time notifications and live video commerce platform, andMe nailed their engagement and retention rates!

The store reported a solid 30% increase in overall revenue, with a whopping 3 times boost in their mobile app revenue, and a 33% increase in total orders!

With almost 90% of their online traffic coming from mobile devices, the store enjoyed a 40% increase in traffic over mobile devices and a 37% surge in overall online traffic!

andMe was able to achieve all the goals they set for themselves with Vajro’s mobile app and a strong game plan! Vajro is glad to have been a part of andMe’s journey and contributed to their growth as a brand!