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How Kumari Shoppy doubled its average order value with a mobile app


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Kanyakumari, India

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  • Cumbersome shopping experience
  • Lack of dev support from the previous platform

From the beginning of our journey with Vajro, we never had the feeling that we can’t get functionality on the platform, and that we should look for it elsewhere. The platform is very user-friendly and their support team is top-notch!

About Kumari Shoppy

Kumari Shoppy was an idea that was realized in 2019 by Dheebin in Kanyakumari, a coastal town in Tamil Nadu, India. The store started by reselling items over Whatsapp to shoppers in the town. The store boasted a 24-hour delivery service to any location and any product across the town after having strategically mapped out Kanyakumari to facilitate swift and timely delivery.

When Kumari Shoppy tried to organize a huge sale event in 2020, they ended up facing a lot of server and hosting issues. After facing such issues, the store realized that they needed to be in the Shopify ecosystem to optimize their shoppers’ eCommerce experience. 

The Challenges: Exploring an uncharted territory

It’s fascinating to learn that Kumari Shoppy was the first-ever eCommerce store in the town. Despite this huge accolade, Dheebin felt the need to offer an optimized mobile shopping experience for his users.

  • Cumbersome shopping experience

The store had its online presence in the form of a website, wherein shoppers could purchase items by dropping a WhatsApp message to the designated number. This process created a tedious shopping experience for the shoppers and proved to be non-scalable in the long run. 

  • Lack of sufficient dev support from previous app providers

Being an entrepreneur from a mechanical engineering background, Dhibeen really needed external support for development. After being asked by his own audience for a mobile app, the path ahead was clear for Dhibeen. This led him to discover a couple of players in the market - Appmaker and Shopney, both of which did not work as well as Dhibeen hoped. 

The Solution: Kumari Shoppy discovers Vajro mobile app 

  • Easing the shopping process with a mobile app

With his own audience requesting an app, Dheebin knew what the next best step was for his store. In his quest to find the perfect mobile platform, he had to pick between Vajro and another mobile app platform. He eventually went with Vajro owing to the team’s swift response to his reach out and further queries. Dheebin got a proper demo of the Vajro app and he was immediately hooked on the user experience offered by the platform. The mobile app helped the store build a solid brand value and stand out among its peers. 

  • Creation and communication

Dheebin had a couple of favorites when it came to features. The first one is the drag-and-drop design editor on the platform. The editor enabled Dheebin to make changes to his app and view the changes in real-time, which eliminates the need for dev support, considering how often they changed banners, collections, and so on, in the app. Vajro’s swift response and strong support team also helped the store get its app off the ground in no time!

App adoption

When it came to promoting the app to his loyal users, Dheebin did a phenomenal job making sure they knew of the app, and that they started using the app to shop. Kumari Shoppy has an exclusive community with his premium users to whom the app was promoted extensively! 

Another cool way he promoted the app was by sending the QR code to the app install page with every order that was sent out. In addition to this, Dheebin also leveraged app-only discounts to ensure maximum app adoption.

The Impact: Revolutionizing eCommerce one step at a time

Kumari Shoppy’s unparalleled mobile app has been a huge hit among the store’s loyal users. The numbers speak for themselves! 

  • 165% increase in overall revenue
  • 5x uptick in mobile revenue 
  • 92% surge in overall traffic 
  • 61% boost in returning customer rate
  • 2x increase in average order value
  • 90% of overall revenue comes from mobile app

The highlight here is that he was able to get a whopping 10k installs in a matter of 35 days! 

What the future looks like for Kumari Shoppy

Kumari Shoppy is looking to expand its territory to deliver products across the entire state, in addition to its town. Dheebin has been very happy with the way Kumari Shoppy and Vajro have grown together to the point where the platform complements the store at every step of its success. Vajro is proud and looks forward to grow with Kumari Shoppy.

Shiva Moorthy


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