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Switch to Vajro and discover how to build long-lasting customer loyalty and retention with a mobile app.
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Get your brand a mobile app that does it all

Offer a superior shopping experience by customizing your product and cart pages with pricing information like product pricing and ratings
Engage your shoppers contextually by generating and sending personalized push notifications with Vajro AI
Improve the quality of engagement with targeted push notifications sent to your Shopify customer segments
Increase push notification conversions with in-depth insights for your push campaigns
Personalize your app to showcase your brand identity with customization options
Broaden your product visibility to a wider audience by selling using live video and streaming it on your app and Facebook pages 
Increase sales by incentivizing shoppers along their customer journey using no-code discounts like Buy X Get Y, Free Gifts, etc.
Curate the most immersive mobile shopping experience with a dedicated design team 
Make login easier, and eliminate password fatigue by offering a secure checkout process with OTP login and social login

Trusted by 5,000+ brands with 1,600+ glowing 5-star reviews on Shopify

I had been with my previous app for 4 years and was afraid to try something new even though my sales were dipping. I made the switch to Vajro in July 2023 and I am proud of the way my app looks now. I feel like my sales are becoming more balanced and less reliant on Live Sales. I have been very satisfied with my move and I love that the app is a set price and not a percentage of my sales. I am so glad I took a leap of faith because I am much happier with Vajro.
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We did a lot of research about which app builder would be best for our needs, and ultimately decided to switch to Vajro after using Shopney for a while. Vajro has been so easy to work with, and their Google Meet sessions make the process of guiding you through the app submission so much easier! There are no more confusing screenshots and wondering if you did the process correctly; all of it is done in real-time.
Trendy Savages 5

Discover why major brands prefer Vajro over Appbrew

Vajro puts you first

Step up your brand presence with the most versatile mobile app builder. Whether you’re new or moving to Vajro from a different platform, Vajro’s got your back and can help you with all of your customization ideas. Our dedicated success managers are available 24/7 to help you.

Powerful app capabilities

Customize your app screens - from the homepage to cart page. Increase your average order value through upsells and personalized recommendations. Broadcast and replay live sales on your app and Facebook Pages to drive instant purchases and engage more effectively.

Mobile loyalty experience

Let's face it - Your current loyalty program has a poor adoption rate. Upgrade to a mobile loyalty platform that helps you cultivate long-lasting loyalty among your customers. Your customers will thank you with their repeat purchases.

Built exclusively for Shopify

Automatically sync your app with your Shopify store's inventory and orders, ensuring no data mismatch between both the platforms. With over 70 integrations, Vajro fits perfectly into your current tech stack

The most preferred choice for Shopify's fastest growing brands

Drive conversions and grow your brand with Vajro

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