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Prashanti Sarees
Prashanti Sarees

How Prashanti Sarees got their Engagement Game right with Vajro Mobile App

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Palette Of Threads
Palette of Threads boutique boosts their revenue by 23% with Vajro!
23%Overall Revenue
55%Mobile App Revenue
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Fresh Katch
How Dakota Darling Boutique boosted overall revenue by 40% with Vajro
33%Total Orders
42%Mobile App Revenue
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Fresh Katch
FreshKatch Leverages Vajro Mobile App to Improve Total Orders by 139%
151%Overall Revenue
139%Total Orders
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Soni Fashion
How Soni Fashion Boosted Their Mobile Revenue by 2x with Vajro
2xMobile App Revenue
40%Total Orders
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SimplyMe Boutique
SimplyMe Boutique Boosted Their BFCM Revenue by 45% with Vajro
53%Total Orders
56%Online Conversion Rate
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The Pretty Hot Mess, LLC (Boutique)
The Pretty Hot Mess, LLC Doubles Their Overall Revenue with Vajro
308%Mobile App Revenue
160%Online Sessions
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Juicy Chemistry
Juicy Chemistry Leveraged Vajro’s Mobile App to Increase their Conversion Rate by 50%
66%Mobile App Revenue
73%Total Orders
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Beautique Boosted their Online Conversion Rate by 20% with Vajro
150%Mobile App Revenue
72%Repeat Customers
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Missing Polynesia
Missing Polynesia Boosts Their Revenue by 60% with Vajro
90%Mobile App Revenue
67%Total Orders
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How NanaMacs Boutique Improved Their Total Orders by 116% with Vajro
6xMobile App Revenue
116%Total Orders
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How andMe boosted their Mobile Revenue by 3x with Vajro
30%Overall Revenue
33%Total Orders
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Arrow 22
How Arrow Twenty Two Boosted Their BFCM Conversion Rate by 50% with Vajro
42%Overall Revenue
51%Total Orders
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Trendy Savages
How Trendy Savages 5 Leveraged Vajro Boost their Conversion Rates to a Whopping 8.3%
70%Mobile App Revenue
106%Online Conversion Rate
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The Fragrance Shop Inc
The Fragrance Shop Inc Boosts their Conversion Rate by 65% with Vajro
26%Overall Revenue
22%Total Orders
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