Masterclass 2023

Join us for a 5-part series of interactive sessions with e-commerce experts on various business scenarios that may arise this BFCM season, and learn how you can skillfully handle them so your customers choose you over competitors.

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With over 70% of revenue coming from existing customers for most e-commerce businesses, the main focus of this masterclass will also be on just one thing—How to help Shopify stores boost their sales with existing customers and improve retention in the long run. This 5-part series covers a range of innovative and proven strategies that you can implement before, during, and after BFCM.

Bring about impeccable results and create a lasting value for your Shopify business this BFCM


Get started and prep for the big sales weekend

Learn how to optimize your Shopify store and create a buzz that sets you apart.

  • Optimize search and filter workflows, refine products, and streamline support
  • Adopt trends, like early bird deals, savvy discounts, and social selling
  • Stay ahead with BOPIS, BNPL, product bundles, and other anticipation strategies


Put the word out there and pull customers to your store

Invest in a mobile app to build a customer base that lasts beyond the holiday rush.

  • Elevate BFCM with app-only discounts and an omni channel approach
  • Adopt tailored communication and enticing rewards to nurture loyalty
  • Engage better and craft compelling content to turn shoppers into loyal customers


Increase sales and retention during BFCM

Your BFCM success starts here! Tackle cart abandonment and master inventory management.

  • Execute flawless live sales, push notifications, social promotions
  • Employ smart and personalized deals to entice hesitant shoppers
  • Maintain a vigilant check on your inventory


Drive brand advocacy with loyal customers and retarget shoppers

Cultivate brand advocates among loyal customers and learn how to retain them for life.

  • Learn the most effective methods for getting reviews from customers
  • Amplify post-BFCM conversion rates via email and social media
  • Take a strategic approach to clearing your inventory


Special episode featuring
e-commerce experts who nailed it

Hear real-life success stories from e-commerce masters that shattered records and achieved phenomenal results during last year's BFCM.

  • Uncover their unique tactics, gain actionable insights, and ignite your e-commerce creativity
  • The best part? Interact with the experts in real time and have all your queries answered