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The Pretty Hot Mess

The Pretty Hot Mess, LLC have doubled their Overall Revenue with their mobile app


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My app is absolutely amazing. My customers love it, it's very easy to use. The customer support has been fantastic!!

Angel Isaac, Pretty Hot Mess


Leaving her profession as a nurse practitioner, Angel Isaac set up her online wellness boutique store, The Pretty Hot Mess, LLC. Throughout her career in traditional medicine, Angel always aspired to start her own business. It would be an understatement to call her journey inspirational. From battling multiple life threatening illnesses, starting her business at home to moving into a bigger warehouse, shipping out her goods all over the world; Pretty Hot Mess has left us and a lot of entrepreneurs in such awe. With clients and facility partnerships in New Zealand, Australia and Tanzania to name a few, Angel continues to drive her Print-On-Demand and wellness boutique to unscaled heights!

In addition to clothes and essential oils, the online boutique store also sells an eclectic collection of novelties, jewelry, salt lamps, metaphysical supplies, crystals, tarot cards and the Pretty Hot Mess skin care products.

Angel’s boutique grew multifold and she realized the potential to reach more geographies, add more channels to generate revenue and engage with her customers. Getting a mobile app for her print-on-demand and wellness store seemed to be an option so she could expand and operate her business with better ease, and in turn improve her conversion and ROI.


The Pretty Hot Mess LLC, had an opportunity to retain their customers and offer a more cohesive shopping experience, for which a mobile app seemed like the perfect solution. She wanted to improve her Shopify store’s customer engagement, cart abandonment and conversion rates.

Angel intended to provide the perfect mobile shopping experience for her customers, and in turn expand her customer base. While a handful of options were available, building a mobile app that could serve her mobile traffic and act as an additional revenue channel seemed a more purposeful investment

The goal was to build an ideal mobile app solution that would optimize her business operations, improve the store’s returns, and is simple to manage and quick to launch.


As soon as Angel started to evaluate Vajro to offer a similar soothing experience that her products did, she was absolutely convinced that Vajro was the solution to her mobile needs. Vajro’s team meticulously set up Angel’s shopify store into an easy to use mobile app Angel to drive her print-on-trend boutique towards excellence. The setup process with Vajro required zero coding knowledge, and powered Angel’s store with a host of features and plugins. Having been quite hands-on throughout her life, Angel loved the simple drag-and-drop functionality which helped set up a mobile app for her store and launch in no time!

Angel employed the features Vajro offered to realise her goals one after another. The store stepped up their customer engagement with rich media real-time notifications and gradually expanded their customer base. With integrations and plugins built to help Shopify stores take their e-commerce game to the next level, Vajro was the perfect solution as The Pretty Hot Mess LLC, scaled their business.


It did not take too long for Angel to see the kind of returns the right mobile app could bring for her business. Her audience fell in love with the seamless shopping experience coupled with the finesse and quality of her store’s products. With the help of smart and convenient payment plugins that enable customers to buy now and pay later, the store was able to drive conversion and revenue significantly!

With automated and abandoned cart notifications, Angel was able to recapture, retain her buyers and keep them engaged. The store eventually saw a substantial increase in conversion and revenue with the help of real-time notifications!

The store experienced a whopping 160% increase in online sessions, and 171% increase in sessions over mobile devices. The increase in sessions yielded up to 58% returning customer rate and a 172% increase in total orders

Angel saw massive returns in revenue and conversion rates. The overall revenue saw a 227% increase and sales over Vajro saw up to a 308% boost, with an online conversion rate of almost 6%!

Over 50% of their overall revenue was contributed by the Vajro mobile app channel!

Vajro’s mobile app solution has proven to be the perfect fit for the vision Angel had for her wellness and Print-On-Demand store. The revenue from the mobile app acts as an additional and crucial income channel, and an optimal medium to communicate and engage with their customers. Working with Angel has given Vajro’s team a sense of gratification and inspiration as they continue to help others in finding natural ways to add alternatives to wellness

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