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How to add social media buttons to your Shopify store

Social media is a great tool to build a strong online presence, improve brand awareness, and boost sales. Companies use social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, as a cost effective way to interact with their customers and get the best engagement.

There are couple of ways in which you can add social media buttons to your Shopify store:

With the help of Theme Stores

When you go to the social media section on the app store, you will find a few themes that have the social media buttons attached to them by default. You can check if the theme you’re looking for has social media buttons in them and check the header, sidebar, homepage and/or the footer sections.

Using HTML code

You can add social media buttons to any theme you want. Some platforms even provide a ready-to-use button on your website.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Login to Shopify admin dashboard
  • Go to “Online Store” and click on “Themes”.
  • Open the Asset folder
  • Scroll down and click on “Add a new asset”.
  • Select the icon you want from the list and click “Upload asset.”
  • The icon button is now available. The button will start working once you add the code to it
  • Open “theme.liquid” to add the code.
  • The button will be displayed in your theme depending on the code you have written.

You can see an example of the code for Twitter below. The same can work for Facebook, Pinterest, and other platforms too

{{ ‘my-twitter-button.png’ | asset_url | img_tag | link_to: ‘’, ‘follow me on twitter’ }}

  • For HTML, you can use the code given below:

<a href=””><img src=”/assets/my-button.jpg?1504124251″ alt=”Follow  on Twitter”/></a>

  • Click on Save Changes.
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