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How to buy on Shopify

What is Shopify Buy Button?

Buy button is a whole new experience that you can provide to your website visitors by adding a shortcut to the checkout page from wherever they are during their journey on your website. It’s a checkout button that can be added to blog posts and landing pages. This gives your visitors a direct purchase option to your products from whatever web page they see the buy button on. This is one of the easiest ways of buying from Shopify for shoppers.

How do I add a Shopify Buy Now Button to my website?

Use the following steps to add the Shopify Buy Button to your website:

  1. Login to Shopify Admin Panel
  2. Add the Buy Button sales channel by clicking the + button next to the sales channel name.
  3. Press the add channel button.
  4. Now, you have to choose products to feature the Buy Button on shopify. Choosing “Select Product” allows you to create a Buy Button for that single product. When users click on the Buy Button they will be taken to either checkout page or cart page based on how you’ve customized the Buy Button on Shopify admin panel.
  5. Choosing “Select a Collection” of products allows you to feature the Buy Button for a particular collection of your website based on what you’ve chosen. When a user clicks on a particular product of that collection, they will see the description of the product along with an add to cart button.
  6. You can also add the Buy Button in an email where the checkout page will open when the user clicks on it.

How to create a Shopify Buy Button for Products and Collection?

  1. Login to your Shopify Admin panel and click on Buy Button.
  2. Click the “Select Product” option
  3. Now select the particular product in your store or search for the specific product.
  4. You will have the option to customize the appearance and color of your Button text on the “Create” page.
  5. Next you’ve to choose an option in the “Action on Click” section. This will define what happens when a user clicks on the Buy Button. Moreover, you can choose between options like “Add to cart”, “Direct checkout” and “Show product details”.
  6. Once the above steps are completed, click on “Generate code”.
  7. You will see an “Embed code” pop up. Now, copy that code to the clipboard.
  8. Now, head over to your website’s HTML and paste this embed code where you want the Buy Button to show and save changes.
  9. You can follow the same steps to create a Buy Button to a collection page of your store just by choosing the “Select a Collection” option where you can feature the Buy Button to a collection of products instead of a particular product. You can follow the same steps to embed the code.

How to create a Shopify Buy Button for emails?

  1. Login to your Shopify Admin panel and click on Buy Button.
  2. Head over to the “Embed a product in email” section and click on “Select product”.
  3. Click on the particular product for which you want to feature the Buy Button.
  4. In an email Buy Button you can feature only one of the variants of a product so select the particular variant if your product has multiple variants.
  5. Now copy the link in the “Embed email link page” to use the link across your email campaigns.
  6. You can also preview how it will look to your customers by clicking on the Buy Now Button.
  7. Lastly, you can just paste the link in your email campaigns and start using.
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