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Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for creating online storefronts and building a brand that resonates with your target customers. The 2.3 million active stores on the Shopify platform are proof. While Shopify works great to launch your store right out of the box, you can also integrate countless Shopify apps with your store to enhance its functionality.  

Here are some of the best Shopify platforms that help increase customer engagement:

1. Vajro

Vajro is the leading mobile app builder on Shopify that over 5,000 brands trust to enhance the shopping experience. With a powerful suite of features and capabilities, Vajro enables brands to capture more traffic, convert users at a higher rate, and build authentic customer relationships that lead to long-term loyalty.

In 2024, more than half of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. Vajro makes it easy to tap into this goldmine of potential customers by creating a convenient mobile app that integrates with your Shopify store. This mobile-first approach gives your customers a user-friendly way to experience your brand and plenty of reasons to keep coming back.

Vajro integrates with your Shopify store’s backend, ensuring that your inventory, product information, and order processing are all synchronized between your website and mobile app. This integration gives your customers a cohesive shopping experience no matter how they browse your products.

One of Vajro’s best features is the push notifications. Using Vajro, you can send targeted, personalized notifications to your app users to inform them about promotions, discounts, product launches, abandoned carts, or other items of interest. Customized, real-time communication goes beyond keeping customers informed — it keeps them engaged with branded messaging tailored for them.

Live selling is another powerful Vajro feature that helps you engage with your customers in real time. Vajro enables you to go live from within your app and stream the session to your Facebook Pages at the same time. You can also host your past sessions on the app for a steady revenue flow. Merchants who use this feature see at least 30% of their live sale revenue coming from their past sessions. 

Personalization is at the heart of Vajro’s approach to driving customer engagement. With Vajro, you can tailor the experience your customers have on your app based on their preferences, behaviors, and previous purchases. By collecting and analyzing behavioral and demographic data, you can create more engaging experiences for your customers through relevant product recommendations, promotions, and more.

2. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a comprehensive marketing automation platform designed for e-commerce brands. It integrates with Shopify to provide access to a wide range of tools for creating targeted marketing campaigns, analyzing customer data, and optimizing marketing strategies.

Using Klaviyo, you can turn a customer's purchase history and browsing behavior into personalized recommendations to keep them returning to your store.

While email marketing is one of Klaviyo’s most important components, it also supports SMS and social media marketing. There is also an integration with Vajro which will allow you to target the same segment of audiences using push notifications. This omnichannel approach helps you connect with your customers across various platforms, improving your brand visibility and customer engagement.

3. is a rewards and loyalty platform designed to help brands build lasting customer relationships. It integrates with e-commerce platforms (including Shopify) to power customized loyalty programs that reward customers for their interactions and lead to higher levels of engagement.

The main draw of is its capability to create personalized customer loyalty programs. With, you can design loyalty programs that reward your customers for their purchases or referrals in ways that are tailored to them. also supports tiered loyalty programs. As customers increase their engagement with your brand, they can unlock access to higher loyalty tiers with exclusive benefits. A tiered approach shows your most loyal customers that you value them a lot., They are now even more likely to remain loyal and become your champions: spreading the word about you to their network.

4. Loox

Loox is a visual reviews platform that helps Shopify brands elevate their customer experiences through authentic user-generated content. Showcasing your products through customer reviews and generating engagement is a great way to build positive customer relationships.

The primary benefit of Loox is the ability to collect visual reviews and user-generated content from customers. Displaying visual content (like pictures or videos) created by your customers adds more authenticity to your business, making it easier for new customers to trust your brand.

You can also use Loox to incentivize referrals from your existing customers. By offering customized rewards or discounts to customers who spread the word about your business to their friends and family, you can build up loyalty and attract new customers.

5. Gorgias

Gorgias is a customer support solution for Shopify that’s designed to centralize customer interactions making it easier to manage them. It also uses automation to help online brands track and use their customer interaction data.

Gorgias integrates with your Shopify store, making it possible to streamline your customer support, respond quickly to customer queries, and enhance your overall customer engagement. Using Gorgias, you can combine email, chat, social, media, and any other customer communication channels you rely on into a single, cohesive platform.

Gorgias also helps you build a centralized dashboard that integrates all your customer data from Shopify. The customer profiles provide a comprehensive overview of a customer’s purchase history, past support interactions, order information, and other information that makes it easier to provide excellent customer service.

6. Yotpo

Yotpo is a customer engagement platform for Shopify brands designed to improve retention using customer reviews, user-generated content, tailored email marketing, loyalty and referral programs, and more.

One of the main features of the Yotpo platform is its loyalty and referral program tools. With Yotpo, Shopify merchants can build customized rewards programs and referral incentives for customers, driving repeat business from existing shoppers and encouraging new business through word-of-mouth.

You can also use Yotpo to collect and share customer reviews or ratings of your products. Features like smart review prompts and custom questions help you get the feedback you need from your customers and show off the quality of your store to prospective shoppers.

Offer an integrated shopping experience with a mobile app

Upgrading your Shopify store with integrations for successful customer engagement is one of the best ways to improve your brand’s online shopping experience and boost customer satisfaction. 

Vajro enables you to integrate with 70+ platforms on Shopify into your mobile app and create memorable shopping experiences for your customers. Check out Vajro on the Shopify App Store or get a demo to start enhancing your customer engagement strategy today.

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