Creating a customer engagement strategy with a mobile app

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Mobile applications are crucial to connect with your customers. Through the convenience of their favorite device, you can provide personalized experiences and foster lasting customer relationships.

Look at this example:

If this is the type of customer engagement you seek, you’re in for a special treat today.

In this article, you’ll learn about the importance of:

  • Understanding customer behavior 
  • Creating a well-designed user interface
  • Customizing your promotions
  • Personalizing customer experiences

And why these should be at the core of your customer engagement strategy.

This article has everything you need to know to engage customers with a mobile app so you’ll stay ahead of the curve.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Customer engagement strategy #1: Analyze customer insights

Understanding your audience is the first step to building a successful customer engagement strategy. Analyze in-app behavior patterns to get insights into what works with your customers. 

For example, find out when your users are in full swing. Are the majority of your customers early birds or night owls? Use this information to shape your marketing tactics and pick the perfect time for a killer sale. You can also analyze the amount of traffic per week on iOS and Android to focus your efforts where the returns are the highest.

Beyond basic metrics, advanced analytics can help you segment your customers and craft targeted campaigns based on specific actions like viewing a specific collection or abandoning checkout. Think about tailored promotional offers that your customers appreciate. 

It’s simple; the more targeted your marketing is, the more engagement you can drive. 

Customer engagement strategy #2: Craft a user-friendly experience

Your interface is the gateway to customer interaction and its design influences the shopping experience. A visually appealing layout creates a strong connection between your customers and your app. The easier it is for your customers to connect with you, the happier they’ll be. (read: the more engaged they are).

You’ll also want to make sure your app functions in a user-friendly way and incorporates these aspects:

  • Fast load speeds
  • Optimal search functions
  • Appropriate button sizes
  • Strategic button placements

Check out these brilliant product page and product category page designs by Vintage Boho Bags.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to come up with everything on your own. Consider incorporating customer feedback. This helps you ensure you aren't missing anything. Feedback is the best way to refine and optimize your mobile app interface to meet customer expectations and preferences.

Customer engagement strategy #3: Use precise and relevant push notifications

Push notifications are one of the proven strategies to improve your mobile app engagement. They’re ideal for sharing information about an ongoing offer, new product launch, or an upcoming live sale with your customers in a personalized way. 

You can use existing customer data to tailor notifications to individual preferences. This enhances customer satisfaction and fosters a sense of connection. 

For example, when your notification says “Hey, Amber! Your favorite party bodysuit is back in stock!” it makes Amber engage with your brand immediately.

Want more? Here are a few other common scenarios where you can use push notifications in your customer engagement strategy:

  • When a customer purchases a product: Send a personalized push notification to suggest related products. Express gratitude for their purchase and ask them to write a review after they receive the package.
  • When someone adds a product to their wishlist and has not purchased that in 3 days: Send a notification highlighting an ongoing offer or a discount code to incentivize them to buy the product.
  • When an app user views a specific collection: Send an in-app message notifying them about a sale on that particular collection. Trigger FOMO with alerts like ‘’ONLY 2 left in stock’’ to urge them to complete the purchase.

The opportunities for personalization through push notifications are endless. All you have to do is use the right information to target the right audience at the right time. And with Vajro's integration with Shopify Flow, you can customize and automate most of your personalization needs. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide to managing your push notifications to help you make the most out of your push campaigns.

Customer engagement strategy #4: Personalize interactions through a live sale

Incorporate live selling into your mobile app engagement strategy to bring an interactive dimension to customer experiences. Live selling enables you to connect with your audience in real time. You can use it to showcase products through live video streams across several platforms.

Check out how Opal & Olive, a home decor brand, shows off their cute little bunny on a live sale!

Live selling creates a sense of immediacy, encouraging active customer participation and boosting engagement. For example, when you host a live sale for an upcoming limited release, your audience can see in real time how many products are selling out in a minute. This triggers FOMO and drives impulse purchases.

An online fashion store, Willow Boutique, increased their live selling revenue by 4X by simultaneously going live within their mobile app and Facebook. 

Read the full story here.

Customer engagement strategy #5: Elevate support and embrace feedback 

Customers often seek immediate assistance or guidance while navigating through an app, and responsive customer support impacts their overall experience. Integrate features such as in-app chat support and a dedicated help center to enable your app users to access assistance at their fingertips. 

Encourage and respond to customer feedback through surveys, ratings, or reviews to refine and optimize your mobile app.

For example, you could set up review prompting. This is a feature that waits until users have spent a certain amount of time on your app, and then prompts them to leave a review on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. You can also get visibility into pain points and desired improvements. Implementing customer feedback can strengthen the bond between you and your customers. Plus, it can guide future app improvements.

Drive customer engagement with a powerful mobile app

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