How to increase customer loyalty with a mobile app

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Customer loyalty is unpredictable. And it will be, given that online shopping is brimming with options today. 

Or so you think.

Reports claim that 72% of global customers stay loyal to at least one brand. And 84% claim to stick with a brand that offers a loyalty program. Customers will stay loyal. All you have to do is reward them for their loyalty. A mobile app helps you do just that. 

Solution: Mobile app loyalty programs

A mobile phone is everyone’s most personal possession today. When someone gives your brand a space on their phone, they see value in your brand. They want to understand what you have to offer. 51% of smartphone users prefer using a brand’s mobile app while shopping for rewards and other perks. 

Brands are a tap away with mobile apps, allowing customers to shop from the comfort of their hands. Mobile apps help build enjoyable shopping experiences and understand customers. When customers get early access to sales and tailored recommendations, their loyalty increases.

Native mobile apps are flexible and always evolving to meet customer needs. Well, at least the good ones are–making them the best option for improving customer loyalty. 

A mobile phone is everyone’s most personal possession today. When someone gives your brand a space on their phone, they see value in your brand. They want to understand what you have to offer. 51% of smartphone users prefer using a brand’s mobile app while shopping for rewards and other perks. 
Benefits of using a mobile app loyalty program
Helps retain more customers

Mobile apps show 4X higher returning customer rates than websites. Shoppers who abandon their carts are more likely to revisit and complete the checkout when notified through the mobile app. A mobile app makes shopping easier, engagement better, and communications clearer. This increases customer loyalty and repeat purchases. 

Improves customer lifetime value

When you offer a personalized shopping experience, your customers will shop from you more. This increases their lifetime value over extended periods. They stay loyal to your brand and become your advocates. Loyal customers are 3.4X more likely to recommend your brand. 

Increases your average order value

A loyal customer is 9.9X more likely to spend more with your brand. When you reward loyal customers, their order values become bigger. An app helps you sell more to customers by recommending similar products. When you send personalized content to your customers, you also reduce cart abandonment.

Enhances customer engagement

Mobile loyalty programs help to gamify reward programs within the app. This significantly improves customer engagement. The immediate happiness of earning points and rewards encourages customers to return to your app. Push notifications, social selling, and discounts, also help brands increase engagement. 

Cultivates brand loyalty 

Customers who install your app and shop more than once trust you.  Offer them a safe checkout process to make them feel secure and satisfied. Happy customers support and promote your brand on social media, driving more sales to your brand.

Allows you to personalize customer experiences

63% of mobile app users are more likely to buy from brands that give them relevant shopping recommendations. You form an emotional bond with your customers when you give them rewards for special events. These events can be birthdays, anniversaries, or public holidays. With a mobile app, customers can easily access and redeem these reward points.

Gives you complete access to first-party data

A customer loyalty reward program generates a wealth of behavioral data that you can then use to personalize your messaging. A mobile app allows you to recognize customer behaviors in real time. You can analyze how customers use your app. This will help you create effective marketing and business plans.

We now know the benefits of using a mobile app loyalty program. Let’s further explore 5 core mobile app features that help increase customer loyalty. 

Top 5 mobile app features to increase customer loyalty
1. Highly-targeted push notifications

A mobile push notification is an instant way to interact with your customers–a feature only available on mobile apps. People constantly have a mobile device in their grasp. That is why a notification on their phone prompts them to glance at their screens. You can customize a push notification to suit your brand identity. Your loyal customers recognize your brand, so your notifications have better results.

Mobile apps use location-based messaging to send timely notifications, boosting conversions. Top mobile loyalty apps, like Vajro, use AI and rich-media push notifications to enhance marketing campaigns. Sending automatic notifications based on customer actions can increase engagement and customer loyalty. These notifications include reminders for abandoned carts, welcome messages, and information about rewards.

2. Unique live selling experiences

Live selling is a direct selling tool to increase engagement and customer loyalty. When you interact with your customers on a video, you gain their trust. Live selling helps you understand customer preferences better and encourage impulse buying.

A mobile app enables you to offer a personalized and unique shopping experience through live selling. An easy interface enables customers to buy during a live sale, boosting sales. They can also watch your past sessions to shop instantly.

3. Personalized rewards and gamification

Gamification entices customers into using your app. One good example is the spin wheel pop-up that rewards customers with exciting offers. Quizzes and surveys within the app also deepen customer engagement. 

Personalized discounts and other membership benefits further prompt customers to use the app. You can send customers a special coupon code to encourage repeat purchases.

4. Easy and secure payment options

52% of global brands are investing in digital wallets today. During checkout, a customer should trust your app enough to provide payment details. 

Most loyalty rewards programs today lack clear instructions on how to use or redeem them. Integrate your loyalty program with a mobile app that supports diverse payment gateways. Customers can then redeem their reward points in their mobile wallets. This way, they can use the rewards they earn without letting them expire. This feature also makes customers engage with your app, increasing customer retention.

5. Real-time data analytics and reporting

To create a positive impact on your devoted customer base, rely on the data and statistics. Stop assuming what your customers want and start analyzing data to give your customers what they want, when they want it. 

Mobile loyalty solutions provide insights into customer behaviors and shopping patterns. Brands use real-time data to make decisions that better serve their loyal customers. This data includes customer participation in rewards programs, the success of push notification campaigns, and ROI numbers.

Vajro: The mobile loyalty app builder for Shopify brands

Vajro helps increase customer loyalty with a powerful mobile app for Shopify and Shopify Plus brands. A mobile app makes shopping memorable. With push notifications, live selling, personalized discounts, and more, it helps win lifelong customers. 

Try Vajro’s free trial today to build a mobile app loyalty program that resonates with your loyal customers. Or, request a demo to see if Vajro meets your business needs.

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