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Mobile app loyalty programs are game-changers for e-commerce businesses. They help e-commerce brands to understand their customers better and reward the loyal ones. 

Studies say that 84% of consumers are more likely to shop from brands that have a loyalty program in place. A mobile loyalty tool enables you to provide personalized incentives and create special shopping experiences. This will give you a competitive advantage.

Let's dive into the best mobile app loyalty programs on Shopify. We will focus on learning about their unique set of features to address different aspects of customer loyalty and retention.


Vajro is a mobile app builder. But unlike conventional Shopify loyalty programs that rely on point-based rewards, it revolutionizes the entire shopping experience itself. Through personalized, memorable shopping experiences, Vajro empowers brands to reward customer loyalty through a mobile app. 

One of the standout features of Vajro is the comprehensive push notifications. Many Shopify Plus brands trust Vajro to send personalized push notifications based on their customer behavior. These automated, manual, or AI-based notifications go beyond plain information; they are conversion drivers.

Next is the live selling suite, a platform to showcase and sell products through live videos. It lets your customers make an instant purchase while you showcase a product on the video. Live selling makes for an interactive shopping experience with a hint of a thrill factor. Vajro's live selling suite also consists of add-ons like interactive FOMO bots and detailed analytics to boost engagement and understand audience behavior. 

Another reason why Vajro takes the spotlight as the best loyalty program is how it eases the process of setting up a mobile app. A seamless, drag-and-drop interface enables you to build and launch your mobile app in no time. 

Yotpo: Loyalty and Referrals Program

Yotpo is good at two things, email engagement and customer loyalty. We’ll stick to its loyalty program in this article. Yotpo’s loyalty and referrals program comes equipped with standard action-based awards and tiered reward systems. It spices things up with campaign scheduling and advanced segmentation capabilities based on parameters like point balance, last purchase date, total redemptions, and VIP tier data to name a few. 

Campaign scheduling lets you pre-schedule loyalty campaigns with ease. Yotpo’s email suite isn’t exactly tailored toward building customer loyalty, but it offers customization and delivery capabilities that play an instrumental role in cultivating customer loyalty. takes a more conventional and user-friendly approach to customer loyalty. It consists of a fundamental rewards wallet that collates all the points. Instead of offering a mix of direct rewards based on action, rewards customers for a set of pre-defined actions. 

You can add a few nuances into the mix such as custom branding for your rewards schemes. This opens up a wide scope for creative names that can be useful in gaining traction among your customers. The simplicity effect makes one of the best loyalty programs; they’ve partnered with over 60,000 different brands in the Shopify ecosystem to cultivate brand loyalty.


LoyaltyLion is an innovative tool that identifies the micro-level preferences of each customer. While it functions like a conventional loyalty rewards program, it adds a twist with analytics and personalization. LoyaltyLion enables brands to analyze customer preferences and actions through a complete dashboard.

With the inferences drawn from the report, merchants can deliver customized or tiered rewards relevant to each customer. Brands can craft loyalty programs that mimic the patterns seen in their customer’s behavior for the best results. This level of personalization makes customers believe that your brand cares about them.  


ReferralCandy adds a unique twist to Shopify loyalty programs. It emphasizes referrals and gives marketing power to your customers. It encourages them to be brand ambassadors of their preferred products. The secret ingredient is rewarding them for bringing in new customers. This means ReferralCandy's creative style converts devoted customers into brand advocates. 

It’s not only loyalty that they target, they grow your customer base through word of mouth, expanding your reach within your domain. With ReferralCandy, you can build a cycle of impactful, high-converting customer referrals that keep your brand growing and thriving.


Here’s another all-encompassing loyalty program bundled into a suite. Growave’s main feature is its loyalty and rewards system that consists of all the necessities. In addition, it comes with automated emails and nudges to engage the customers at the right time. Beyond the rewards, Growave also comes with a review desk, wishlist, Instagram UGC display, social logins, and an upsell mechanism. 

Growave offers integrations with 21 of the most popular tools and services on the Shopify App Store, all available on a single interface. Despite the large number of components, Growave makes building customer loyalty a breeze thanks to its well-knit system. approaches the concept of customer loyalty with simplicity and efficacy. Brands can give out store credit as rewards or compensation to retain customers.

But that's not all, also specializes in automated loyalty programs to convert new customers into loyal ones. Flexibility in managing store credit combined with an improved gifting experience makes an outstanding player in the loyalty industry. 


Vitals is a comprehensive tool that caters to various customer touchpoints throughout the shopping journey, including the purchase and loyalty stages. They specialize in gathering social proof from customers. 

Brands use Vitals to increase customer engagement and the average order value through volume discounts, product bundles, BOGO offers, and pre-orders. It is a reliable tool for boosting revenue and building customer confidence in your brand. 

Vajro: Build lasting customer loyalty with a mobile app

Traditional loyalty programs help brands to reward their loyal customers with points and cashback. But rewards in the form of coupons and discounts often expire when customers forget to claim them on time, destroying the sole purpose of loyalty programs.

Vajro helps you cultivate customer loyalty that lasts for life. More than 5,000 Shopify and Shopify Plus brands trust Vajro to create personalized and special shopping experiences for their most loyal customers. Download Vajro to build a robust mobile app loyalty program for your business today. Or, get a demo to see Vajro in action.

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