Strategies to win back lost customers and retain them

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Losing customers is an inevitable challenge that many businesses face today. This is why customer retention strategies are critical for long-term success. Fortunately, there are a lot of techniques to bring back lost customers to the fold, and often with stronger loyalty. 

The below example from Vintage Boho Bags is the perfect proof of that. 

There was an unhappy customer with an issue and a brand that values customer relationships. The result? 

Happy customer + lifelong loyalty.

Learning how to win back lost customers not only gives you a second chance with the one that got away but also keeps existing customers excited about your brand. 

In this article, we’ll cover proven strategies to win back lost customers and engage them in the long run.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Understand the reasons for customer loss

Analyze and understand why customers left your brand if you wish to get them back. Here are a few common reasons: 

  • Inefficient customer support 
  • Tempting offers from competitors 
  • Dissatisfaction with your products, or 
  • Changing needs. 

Data can provide insights into the precise reason, and this information is the groundwork for targeted and impactful win-back strategies.

2. Personalize your re-engagement campaigns

Generic messaging fails to strike a chord with customers who don’t engage with you or have churned. To win customers back, pivot towards personalized re-engagement campaigns. Customer data can help in crafting messages that acknowledge past interactions.

This personalized approach transcends the one-size-fits-all strategies and creates a sense of individualized attention.

3. Incentivize customers with offers and exclusive deals

Compelling incentives get a customer's attention. Deals, discounts, and special promotions are one way to bring back customers who have strayed. These promotions display your brand’s inherent value, encourage purchases, and drive repeat purchases.

With Vajro, you can also set up automatic discounts and gifts based on specific criteria. 

For example, you can add a gift for purchases over 199 USD or when they buy 2 or more items. This will tempt your customers to return to your app. 

Learn more.

GNC India enabled the Buy 2 Get 1 Free strategy, increasing their returning customer rate by 35% in under 3 months.

Another way to reward your loyal customers with Vajro is by using Shopify customer segments. After you have your customer segments, you can display specific product pages to specific audiences.

For example, you can show a flat 20% discount coupon on the product page that is visible ONLY to your loyal customers.

4. Apologize and address concerns

Winning back lost customers can be as simple as admitting your shortcomings. A sincere apology for a bad experience with your product is the first step in rebuilding your relationship with that customer. Acknowledge customer concerns and state your plans to make things right to rebuild trust and foster customer relationships.

Consider customer surveys; they are more than an engagement tool. Having the humility to ask lost customers how to improve, makes them respect your brand. This respect also fortifies your reputation for being responsive and customer-centric.

Emails, push notifications, and social media are all channels to extend survey requests to lost customers.

5. Improve customer service

Service doesn't have to be bad to lose customers, mediocrity is also unacceptable these days. Elevating your customer support can solve this problem. Superior customer service sets brands apart. Mobile apps and online live chats are one great way to stay in touch with customers. Proven to increase customer retention, mobile apps make customer service chats easy and contribute to mobile app retention.

Consider this example from Vilvah, a wellness brand, that implements automated WhatsApp chat to address customer queries right on the app.

6. Use social media and online platforms

People on social media are influenced by brands, so why not yours? Social media presence increases brand awareness and helps win back lost customers. Sharing product updates, responding to comments, and hosting live sales are all ways to re-engage a lost customer.

Engaging in two-way communication through these channels is paramount. Get customer feedback, respond to praise and criticism, and provide personalized, memorable experiences. Effective social media strategy re-establishes connections and showcases commitment to customer satisfaction.

7. Build a community - YOUR community

Make your customers feel like they belong. A mobile app can be your community, enabling customers to connect with your brand as well as with each other. This community-building fosters a sense of loyalty and can be particularly influential in encouraging lost customers to return.

The greatest method to win over repeat business is to get firsthand knowledge of consumer preferences and expectations. Creating a community involves more than bringing in new customers; it also means fostering relationships with people who have already interacted with your brand. Lost clients are more likely to come back when they feel a sense of shared identity and belonging.

A community of your loyal customers also enhances good word-of-mouth advertising. Customers who are happy and involved are more inclined to spread the word about their good experiences, which increases the brand's visibility and power. This natural advocacy turns into a useful tool for winning back lost clients and drawing in new ones.

Win back lost customers with Vajro

Every lost customer represents an opportunity for improvement and growth. Turn setbacks into success stories and fortify customer relationships for the long term by creating brilliant shopping experiences.

Retain your customers and engage them through powerful push notifications,  social selling, rewards, and personalized shopping experiences from Vajro. Start your free trial today or get a demo to see how you can do that and more.

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