5 Product Page Best Practices to Boost Conversion Rate by 30%

5 Product Page Best Practices to Boost Conversion Rate by 30%

Cookie Linh from PageFly talks about things you should never miss having on your product pages that are crucial for conversion.

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Key takeaways from this webinar

Leverage first-party and zero-party data to personalize messaging.

Develop a successful omni-channel marketing strategy with tips and best practices.

Use mobile commerce and automation to effectively grow your revenue.

Elizabeth Presher

Owner/Partner - Hite Digital

Meet the Speaker

As the daughter of two entrepreneurs, Elizabeth Presher saw firsthand the ups and downs of small business ownership from a young age and still knew it was life for her. Now the Owner/Partner of Hite Digital Dayton, she combines her five years of boutique/ecommerce ownership with her passion for all things marketing to help businesses grow their audience and revenue through Paid Social, SEO, PPC and Email Marketing. She is a certified eCommerce Marketing Expert and specializes in creating profitable growth plans for Boutiques and eCommerce businesses!

Meet the Speaker

Anastasia Emberger is an entrepreneur with a great interest in retention marketing and technology. A contributor for customer experience publisher CMSWire, she owns and operates Emberger Consulting, an agency specializing in email, SMS, and push marketing for ecommerce brands. 

Anastasia Emberger

Owner - Emberger Consulting

Meet the Speaker

Key takeaways

Bye-bye cookie-cutter marketing, say hello to the future of marketing: personalization-at-scale. Learn how to implement it!

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