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July 17, 2019

10 Best Ways to Boost Your Product Page Performance


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Product pages are an important part of an online store. In fact, the most visited webpage for any online store is its product page. Product pages ideally contain the following information about the company’s product:

  • Its unique features
  • The problem(s) it solves
  • High-quality product photos
  • On-point product descriptions

It is on the product page where most purchase decisions are made and hence it is highly important from a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view, as well. A well-laid-out product page, or pages as the case may be, has the capacity to convert prospects into buyers. Let us look at a few ways to improve product pages in order to drive sales and revenue.

1. Place All Details on a Single Page

An online store must have all the important details of a product available on a single page. Brands need not create any suspense by asking the customer to click on the next page or button to discover more facts about the product. Remember that all it takes is just a click of the back button to lose a potential customer. Therefore, it’s important to display all details on a single page, including why the product is valuable in a crisp and concise manner. The idea is to not leave the customer waiting for more information.

2. Project the Product Value

The primary reason a customer lands on your product page is that it helps address some issues. Therefore, the summary or description must explain how these issues are addressed for customers to see the potential value of the product. In order to successfully implement this concept, start by understanding the customer’s motivation for buying your product, and if there are any concerns that he would want to be addressed. Another good reason to address common concerns on the product page is that it will largely reduce the number of returns, and customer frustrations (if the product does not suit the requirements) in the future.

3. Add Photos & Videos

Online shopping does not offer the privilege of shopping by physically examining a product. Therefore, photographs and videos play an important role in providing a similar experience. In fact, with online shopping product photography can make or break a purchase decision. Since it is ‘that’ effective, companies must have suitable photos, videos, and GIFs along to guide the prospective buyer.

4. Showcase Customer Reviews & Testimonials

In online shopping, reviews and testimonials are highly valued. Using testimonials, prospective customers understand how the product addresses their problems. Reviews, on the other hand, help increase trust and garner brand loyalty from customers. Almost all shoppers check the testimonials and review sections before making a purchase decision. Therefore, online stores need to pay more attention to product page reviews, social reviews, and other forums where prospective buyers discuss the product. It is also important to make easy provisions for customers to add their reviews.

5. Display Policies Clearly

It is vital to clearly display your online store’s policies for warranty, customer satisfaction, and returns. Display of these policies comes in handy for customers to know what they can expect from your goods. Such policies foster long-term customer relationships. They also remove any kind of ambiguity while making purchase decisions.

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6. Display Endorsements

Prominently displaying endorsements, any safety or regulatory certifications, or a reputed seal of approval are ways to stand out from the competition. Badges can also be displayed on product pages to help customers check for bottom-line concerns about the product. Badges can highlight important benefits or features of your product, as well.

7. Use Upsell and Cross-sell Optimally

The product page is intended to sell. However, cramming the page with too many offers and links to other products can negatively impact the attention span of the buyer. Although both upselling and cross-selling are important to increase the average order value, moderation is required when displaying additional products. On the other hand, related add-ons like free shipping options, etc. can encourage customers to purchase more.

8. Give Options When Product is Sold Out

When products are sold-out, instead of showing only out-of-stock, you can give prospective buyers the option to leave their contact information. This way, you can collect email addresses and notify them when the product is available again. You can also consider having a customized landing page or offering pre-orders.

9. Use a Clear CTA

When optimizing the product page, care should be taken to highlight the “Add to Cart” button. It should be impossible to miss, without affecting other design aspects of the product page. Use simple language in your CTAs for customers to easily find their way to checkout.

10. Include Live Chat

Customers prefer brands that provide answers to their queries quickly. It helps them make an informed decision, and they feel it is a speedy service as well. Live chat requires manual work and is often widely used during high-traffic periods. It can also be leveraged to increase the company’s credibility.

Brands cannot afford to frustrate customers with a poorly presented or structured product page. Therefore, making these vital changes can do wonders for an online store’s sales and reputation. A mobile app for your online store is another important strategy that can drive more leads to your product pages, and have a significant impact on your business.

With the growing proliferation of smartphones and the rapidly rising mCommerce, mobile apps have become imperative for online shopping. If you want your product pages to tap into the lucrative mCommerce market, Vajro can set up a mobile app store for you almost instantly. Vajro is a leading mobile app factory helping brands across the globe drastically expand their customer base and skyrocket sales. Get in touch with us if you’d like to explore building a mobile app for your online store.

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