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Boosting e-commerce success with video reviews and educational content

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It’s clear that video content is no longer just an option; it’s a must-have for brands looking to stand out and connect with their audience on a more personal level. 


Because in an online world filled with endless scrolling, videos have the unique power to stop customers in their tracks, offering them an immersive shopping experience.

In this post, we’re getting into two game-changing strategies: 

  1. Collecting video reviews from your happy customers
  2. Using educational videos to enlighten and entertain 

Imagine having authentic customer testimonials that do the convincing for you, or providing valuable how-tos and product insights that keep your customers informed. 

That's the kind of mobile commerce experience we're here to create.

So if you’re just starting to explore the potential of video content or looking to amp up your current strategy, read on to learn how to harness the full power of video to captivate your audience, boost your sales, and build a brand that customers trust and love!

Using video reviews to enhance customer trust and drive sales

In online shopping, touch-and-feel is not an option. That’s why video reviews are the next best thing to being there. They bring a level of authenticity that text reviews simply can't match. When potential customers see real people sharing their experiences with your product (not just through words), it adds a layer of trust and credibility. 

This kind of social proof is super powerful, nudging those on the fence towards making a purchase.

Collecting video reviews

So how do you go about getting video reviews for your Shopify store? Well, here are a few steps:

Step 1: Time your requests

The timing of your request for a video review is crucial. The best practice is to reach out when the excitement of receiving a new product is still fresh but after they've had a chance to try it out. 

Typically, a few days to a week after delivery is an ideal window. 

You can automate this process with emails or app notifications, with a gentle reminder to customers to share their experiences. Personalize these communications to make your customers feel special and appreciated, increasing the chances of them taking the time to create a video.

Step 2: Encourage participation

Video reviews require a bit more effort on the part of your customers, so it’s only fair to make it worth their while. 

Offering incentives such as discounts on future purchases, loyalty points, or even entry into a giveaway can motivate your customers to share their experiences. Make sure to communicate the reward clearly and keep the process as simple as possible to remove any barriers to participation.

Step 3: Showcase the video reviews

Once you’ve got those video reviews, it’s time to let them shine. Embedding them on your product pages is a no-brainer. 

This not only enriches the content on your site but also keeps potential customers engaged longer, which can have a positive impact on conversion rates. Don’t stop there, though. Feature them in your newsletters, share them on your social media channels, and even consider a dedicated section or gallery on your site for top reviews.

Pro tip: Use the best reviews app for Shopify - Fera

Using a reviews app like Fera can simplify the process of collecting, managing, and displaying video reviews, making it easier to build that all-important trust with your shoppers. 

Remember, it’s not just about showing off your products; it’s about creating a community of satisfied customers whose shared experiences help your brand grow stronger and more trusted day by day.

By incorporating video reviews into your e-commerce strategy, you’re not just selling products; you’re building a narrative around your brand that’s compelling, relatable, and trust-inspiring.

Educating customers and demonstrating products through video

Educational videos are a powerful tool in building brand credibility and loyalty. They go beyond mere product promotion, offering value to your customers by teaching them something new or solving a problem. 

This approach positions your brand as an expert rather than just a seller. Doing this creates a learning experience for your customers, making your brand memorable and trusted. 

When customers trust you, they're more likely to stick around, recommend you to others, and keep coming back for more.

Content creation for education and demonstration

Step 1: Address common questions and pain points

Start by listening to your customers. 

  • Review feedback, survey results, and common questions received by your support team.
  • Identify themes or specific issues that come up often. 

These are golden opportunities for educational content. 

Create videos that address these topics, providing clear, concise, and helpful answers. 

For example, if a common question is about how to set up a product, a step-by-step setup video can be helpful and appreciated.

Step 2: Highlight product features and hidden gems

Every product has its unique features and sometimes hidden benefits that may not be obvious to all customers. Use video to showcase these features in action. 

For instance, a backpack might have a built-in waterproof cover that’s neatly tucked away; a quick demo video can highlight this feature, showing customers how to access and use it. This not only educates but also adds an element of surprise and delight, showcasing the thoughtfulness that goes into your products.

Step 3: Create tutorial and demo videos

Creating engaging tutorial and demo videos involves a few key elements: clear visuals, concise explanations, and a focus on benefits. 

  1. Start with a brief overview of what the video will cover. 
  2. Use close-ups and high-quality visuals to demonstrate the product in use. 
  3. Explain each step clearly, focusing on how it benefits the user. 
  4. Encourage viewers to explore further, whether it's trying out the feature themselves or watching more videos. 

The goal is to make your product as accessible and understandable as possible.

Step 4: Integrate educational videos

Make your educational videos easy to find and embed your product videos on product pages where they're most relevant. 

This can enhance the shopping experience and provide useful information.

Also include these videos in your email marketing campaigns, especially in welcome emails or product-specific messages. Sharing your videos on your social media channels can also increase their reach, helping to educate a broader audience and draw them into your brand’s ecosystem.

Pro tip: Show, don’t tell

By using video for customer education and product demonstration, you transform the shopping experience from transactional to relational. 

Your e-commerce site becomes more than just a place to buy things; it becomes a valuable resource for your customers, a place where they can learn, discover, and get inspired. This not only drives sales but fosters a loyal community around your brand.

Wrapping it up

By using video reviews and educational content, you have the power to transform your online store into a dynamic, engaging, and trust-inspiring space.

Video reviews add a layer of authenticity and relatability, allowing potential customers to see real-life endorsements of your products. This not only enhances trust but also influences purchasing decisions. On the other hand, educational content positions your brand as a helpful authority, deepening customer loyalty by providing value beyond the sale.

Embrace the world of video content. Start small if you need to, but start. 

About the author

Jameela wears many hats in the e-commerce and digital marketing world. She runs Alora Boutique (a Shopify store), helps businesses with their content marketing and AI marketing automation, and serves as the Marketing & Partnerships Manager at Fera, the go-to Product Reviews App. You can connect with her on LinkedIn!

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