E-commerce marketing
E-commerce marketing
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October 11, 2019

3 Important Guidelines To Propel E-commerce Sales With Live Chat


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Live chat is an incredibly powerful and engaging tool that helps brands maximize conversions and drive repeat purchases. Research at Forrester has revealed that “Customers who engage in a live chat conversation with a business are 2.8x more likely to complete a purchase.”

Brands operating with a real-time store know how important it is to maintain a personal touch with customers in order to enhance their business prospects. In online retail shopping, this can be done using the live chat feature.

Live chats can help deliver the personal touch that is missing in online shopping. The crucial few hours per week that is dedicated to live chat can be enough to make a difference in driving more sales. Research studies also show that 79% of consumers prefer live chats because they offer instant responses.

Live chat has the highest customer satisfaction rate, which makes it imperative for brands to deploy one for the website. Now, let us look at important guidelines to be followed when using live chat for driving e-commerce sales.

Display chatbox strategically on the screen.

Live chatboxes should not be a hindrance when the buyer is browsing for the product. Therefore, it is important to control how and where the “Click to Chat” button and window are displayed.

  • Display it on pages that feature new products or new releases.
  • Provide show and hide options for the chat button.
  • Customize the chat options based on the page a visitor is on, demographics, and browsing history, or if they have replied to any marketing campaign.
  • Expand the chat window only when it is clicked.
  • Prompt the visitor for a chat only after 20-30 seconds he has landed on the website.
  • Auto-hide the chatboxes if more than five conversations are going on simultaneously for one staff.

Engage visitors during peak traffic.

Holiday seasons and weekends are usually the days a retail outlet enjoys peak sales. It’s the same for online stores, as well.

  • Google Analytics can be used to identify traffic patterns on e-commerce websites.
  • Keep sales staff ready for live chat on days and time when the traffic peaks.
  • Coordinate live chats with your other marketing activities to update the users on the latest offers, discounts, and sales.
  • Send push notifications via mobile apps based on chat queries raised by users.

Track chat feedback.

Live chats give a clear insight into what website visitors think and feel about your website. The feedback can be leveraged to:

  • Introduce better search or browsing features.
  • Improve loading time and download time.
  • Change layout and navigation.
  • Add product FAQs, and more.

Adding a chatbox and following the above guidelines can help your website garner much-required audience attention and drive more conversions. Additionally, it helps build trust with buyers, provide a memorable customer experience on the website, and gain a competitive edge over the competition.

Mobile apps play a vital role in driving more leads to your website. Having a mobile app makes it easy for your customers to browse, shop and checkout seamlessly. Vajro is a leading mobile app factory aiding brands across the world to create fabulous mobile apps for their e-commerce stores. We offer a number of intuitive features such as unlimited push notifications, in-app analytics, plug-in support, chat support, and more.

If you want to create a mobile app for your online store, get in touch with us now.

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