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Live Selling
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June 17, 2021

4 Time-Tested Strategies to Perk Up Low Viewership in Live Selling


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Baby Shark Dance, Despacito, Shape of you & See you again.

Unless you were living under a rock, you might know what these names are. For those who just emerged out of the ground, this is the list of most-viewed YouTube videos on the planet. They have amassed billions of views to date and are still growing strong.

People love videos and prefer them anytime over text. The reason is simple - Videos resonate well with the audience. It helps them comprehend the message in it easily, unlike textual content.

Now, videos are not just restricted to songs and rhymes. They have been an important marketing channel (in the form of advertisements) for many brands since times immemorial.

But today, businesses are using videos with a twist and it is proving to be extremely fruitful to accelerate their sales. Yes, we are talking about the latest weapon in selling - live selling.

Live Selling

During a time where everyone is forced to stay indoors, live selling is helping businesses to appear in front of their prospects and customers to sell their products. The explosive growth of live sessions in recent years has ended up creating tons of opportunities for businesses to keep their audience engaged, informed, and entertained.

However, going live without a proper plan is like starting a convenience store without any products. Even if visitors come to your store, they are going to turn around and walk away from your store. Also, expecting thousands of viewers to turn up for your first live session is unrealistic, even if you are a celebrity. A poorly planned live session will neither garner enough viewership nor engage your audience, even if you get Taylor Swift to sell your products.

Let us now address how you can go about increasing the viewership of your live sessions. We are going to shed light on a few essential aspects that need to be handled before or in parallel with your live session. Here are they -

Give a Clear Title and Description

Giving your live session a neat title and an engaging description will come in handy because they will let your viewers know what they can expect from the session. Additionally, people who waltz into your session mid-stream can look at the title and description to understand what’s going on in your session and follow it without any confusion.

Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter movie franchise) went live recently to discuss her favorite topic - ‘Veganism.’ While she has the habit of going live often to keep in touch with her fanbase, the title and description of her live session let her fans know the topic of discussion and decide whether or not they want to take part in it.

In all her live sessions, she also adds a clear description that encourages her viewers to engage more. This, in turn, increases the viewership of the live session. She also adds questions that she’ll be answering during her live session - this practice helps her set an expectation and provide takeaways after the session.

Collaborate with Other Influencers

Collaborating with other social media influencers is a popular way to not just increase your followers but also improve the viewership of every live streaming session. Collaborations can be anything ranging from interviews, Q&As to webinars and how-to Sessions.

Popular magazine Cosmopolitan used this strategy really well. They hosted a live session with the reality-star-turned-designer Lauren Conrad. It was a two-way road; Lauren was promoting her latest book to the existing (and large) fan base of Cosmopolitan, while Cosmopolitan was using a celebrity to increase their fan base. A win-win situation for both.

Release Teaser Content

Teasers are not just for movies and TV shows. Releasing teasers and trailers of your live sessions will build a buzz around them. Teasers also make the value of the live session pretty clear and upfront. Instead of just depending on the quality of your content to improve the viewership, promoting your content with teasers will help attract user attention.

Raabe Moda is a well-known Instagram fashion brand that uses teaser content to get more viewers for their live streaming session. They use everything from images to short video clips as teasers to promote their session. Like their titles and descriptions, they keep the teasers informative and lucid so that users know what to expect from the live session.

Teaser contents should be informative, enticing, and bite-sized. In addition to spreading the word about the live session, the teasers should be created in such a way that they inspire sharing. The most crucial aspect of any teaser is to include the time and date of the live session in a prominent way. Some brands tend to include registration links and opt-in reminders as well within the teaser description.

Schedule your Live Session well in Advance

We’ve been encouraging all our customers about this for a long time now. Instead of going live at the last moment and hopelessly expecting viewers to join your live session, schedule it well in advance. It might seem like a lot of planning, but it is well worth the effort.

It will not only inform your users about the live session but also ensure their smooth onboarding when you go live. Remember - You might have extraordinary content to share with the world, but if you don’t let them know when and how to access it, you will end up addressing an empty court.

Nemocrew’s Live Pride Night post is a brilliant example of how you should schedule your session ahead of time. By promoting the date and time of the session, they are giving their audience the power to decide ahead of time whether or not they want to attend - flexibility that people love.

In addition to making social media posts about when you plan to go live, you can also employ built-in scheduling features of Facebook and other social media platforms to inform your existing followers of your intention to broadcast a live session. Some social media platforms even allow your followers to opt-in and get a notification right before the live session begins.

If you are an existing Vajro customer, informing your users about a live sale is child’s play. You can easily schedule a series of push notifications before a session to build that excitement around it.

Wrapping Up

Bolstering viewership for your live session may not seem like an easy task initially. However, if you have the right strategy in place and follow it diligently, you can attract visitors like bees to honey. The key is to schedule your session in advance, make sincere efforts in promoting it, write a catchy title and description, and release flashy teasers.

Vajro is a live seller’s pocket tool that streamlines the entire live streaming experience and encourages more viewership with its extended arsenal of tools. Vajro helps businesses to create interactive and hassle-free live sessions that meet the evolving demands of viewers.

So, if you are ready to create an awe-inspiring live selling session with Vajro, talk to our experts now.

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