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Mobile Commerce
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January 2, 2018

5 Growth strategies for your mobile eCommerce app


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Living in a world of technology, it is an essential task for every entrepreneur to walk with the current technology trends. Mobile eCommerce has helped businesses to get back on track and in some cases, has proved to be an invaluable cash machine. It’s high time that eCommerce companies start focusing on the mobile sector.

Take note of the following 5 effective growth strategies for your mobile eCommerce app.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are very important for reminding people about any sale or offer or any new product arrival. Beware not to spam your customers by overwhelming them with redundant notifications. This tool will boost your presence and give you an opportunity to update your customers with important news about products. An e-commerce application with push notifications will transform the way you carry out your sales. With this, you will build better customer relationships by providing the best user experience.

Optimized Usability

These days, having a visually stunning mobile app isn’t good enough. In order for your mobile app to be truly successful, it must be designed with interface in mind. User experience is one of the most important aspects of an app and usability plays a significant role in app experiences that are seamless and enjoyable. With improved usability, you can set the best impression on your customers who are downloading and using your app for buying products. Additionally, make sure that the app does not take more than 3 seconds to load as this is the most important concern. Since a mobile app is faster to get loaded compared to a standard html page, it is preferable to users. The navigation should feel natural and app page loading should be quick.

Integrated features

Design an effective app which efficiently uses the built-in features of the devices like camera, mic, GPS, etc,. This not only facilitates customers’ usage, but it helps eCommerce companies with better communication. Moreover, users can see the line of products in a format that is preferable to them as opposed to visiting a website where they have to browse through a labyrinth of links and pages. If you are really aiming to make your website stand out from your competitors, it is really imperative to develop an app.

24*7 visibility

As every single day is passing the need and dependency on mobile applications is increasing at a rapid rate. Users are finding it easier to access a mobile app than a website. And this is not a downwards trend. If you want to target a larger audience then you should quickly move towards app development as it has the potential to drive more customers.

Unparalleled support features

Soon after a mobile application is developed by a mobile app developer; it becomes necessary to start the process of Support and maintenance. The maintenance of mobile application actually involves the fixing of any application defects and thus improves a developed version of an application. The support team helps in providing intense help to the user ensuring the end user’s all queries related to the developed app are solved by the support group. This comprehensive support will yield you customer loyalty and drive your brand’s image.

E-Commerce sector is so vast and the business industry needs a proper platform for reaching more audience efficiently. With efficacious eCommerce app with the above features, you can reach a wide range of customers facilely.

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