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December 26, 2022

5 Reasons to implement in-app chat for your eCommerce mobile app


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It doesn’t matter which field you are in; you need to constantly innovate and evolve to stay afloat in the market. Treading the same old path is not going to work in this cutthroat world. This rule is particularly applicable in customer communications. Gone are the days when customers would dial a number, wait for 10 minutes to talk to an agent, and finally get the issue resolved. Or send an email, and wait for several days to get a resolution. Today, consumers want instant resolutions.

If you can’t offer them that, be ready to say ADIOS. They are going to switch over to your competitors in no time.

So if you are an eCommerce app owner, you need to embrace a communication channel that offers quick solutions to your customers without breaking the back of your customer support team.

The answer to this weighty problem is IN-APP CHAT.

To the uninitiated, an in-app chat system is a communication channel that facilitates back-and-forth conversations between your customer reps/chatbots and users. The conversation is usually initiated by the user whenever they need help, have a question, or want to raise a concern.

Now that you know the WHAT, let’s look into the WHY. Let us understand why it is important to implement an in-app chat system in your eCommerce mobile app.

1. It reduces the bounce rate

Ask an eCommerce app owner what their biggest concern is. 9 out of 10 will say high bounce rate. Having an in-app chat system is a great way to improve it. Let us explain. Customers often get sudden doubts while browsing through your products. Having a separate support page(which is the norm) is not a great way to solve their problem. Why?

Because it disrupts their flow. They will be taken out of the PLP/PDP/Search results page, which, in turn, can lead to poor customer experience. Ultimately, they will bounce away from your app as they are not interested in purchasing anymore. But when you have an in-app chat service, the customers can get their queries cleared instantly without moving out of their regular shopping flow, leading to lower bounce rates.

2. Seamless integration

Most in-app chat solutions can be integrated with a few steps. You do not have to write a single line of code to get it operational. Take the case of Vajro. If you are an existing Vajro customer, you get access to top chat solutions like Tidios, Gogias Chat, Tawk Chat, Zendesk, Whatsapp, and FB Messenger. All of them are plug-and-play integrations, which means you can start using them in a matter of a few minutes. Long story short, it’s probably the least complicated communication solution you can set up for your business.

3. Rich Text Messaging

This is a huge advantage for both your customer and customer support agent. Imagine a scenario where your customer has a query that can be explained better with an image. Now in other forms of communication, they need to send a separate email with the image, which can result in unnecessary back-and-forth communication. This is easily avoided in an in-app chat as both parties can share any type of content, be it audio, video, or images, instantly. This makes the lives of everyone easier.

4. Increases conversions

Every app owner wants more sales. And more sales can be achieved only if the visitors to their app are converted into customers. Now, most in-app chat solutions can be integrated into your CRM either directly or indirectly.

What this means is - your chat support agents have huge volumes of customer data in their hands, such as recently viewed products, previously purchased products, wishlist items, etc. They can use this gold mine of information to instantly suggest products that have higher chances of getting purchased.

Now the biggest difference between chat conversations and other forms is that the customer can directly move to the recommended product’s page by clicking on the link suggested by the chat executive or chatbot. This means they will have instant access to the product for purchase, which in turn can have a positive impact on the conversion.

5. Reduces operating costs

In-app chat services can drastically reduce your operating costs. For starters, you do not have to set up a massive call center to address customer queries. Secondly, you do not have to purchase advanced equipment and expensive software. And finally, you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on hiring hundreds of agents as the agents can address multiple queries at the same time, which is not possible over a phone call or other forms of communication.

Final Thoughts

And those are the top reasons why you must implement an in-app chat solution to your mobile app. Now, if you are using an app solution that doesn’t offer plug-and-play integrations with chat solution providers, it’s time to make the shift to Vajro. Vajro can help build your dream app in a matter of a few hours and also equip it with world-class chat solutions like  Tidios, Gogias chat, Tawk Chat, Zendesk, Whatsapp, and FB Messenger. To know more about Vajro and these integrations, book a demo now.

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