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May 31, 2021

5 Ways in which Push Notifications Increase Revenue & Loyalty


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There was a time when you were placed on a pedestal just for being good at customer acquisition and retention. Bringing in new customers consistently (and retaining them) was considered a difficult art to master a couple of decades ago.

But that was only until push notifications dropped in like manna from heaven. Businesses found that these tiny little messages not only kept users engaged but also instilled a sense of loyalty towards their brand. Research confirms this – 95% of new users who opted in for your app will churn out in 90 days if they don’t receive any push notifications.

So how did push notifications turn into this remarkable magic wand that kept customers glued to a brand? Let’s find out as we look into 5 ways in which push notifications boost revenue and drive loyalty –

Communicate existence and value to improve brand recall

Push notifications are often used to convey what your brand stands for and what it can do for your customers. Remember – Customers are spoilt for choices today. Unless you keep reminding them about your existence and the benefits they gain out of using your app, they are not going to stick around for long.

Take the case of Amazon. They are a Yoda when it comes to promoting their own branded products and reminding customers about the value they can give to their users. Here are two notification from them –

Push notifications
push notifications

While one talks about their popular loyalty card (giving additional value), the other one talks about their own branded product (improving brand recall). Such notifications increase the visibility of the brand in the long run which has a direct impact on the revenue.

Send real-time updates to keep customers hooked

Push notifications are used to deliver the latest news about your brand even without customers visiting the app. For example, you can update users about new arrivals or ‘flash sale’ through instant push notifications. Take the case of H&M that immediately apprises customers about new fashion trends available in their store.

push notification

Another popular use case involving real-time updates is in sports. Talk to any sports enthusiast, they would want to know the latest score, stats, and news of a match as and when it happens. Push notifications are an excellent way to deliver real-time scores to these users. It not only keeps them engaged with your app throughout the match but also brings them back for every new game out there.

Popular sports app AIScore takes this one step ahead. It lets you pick your favorite sides and display notifications related to all the matches of that team.

push notification

Craft a personalized experience to drive loyalty

According to a recent report, personalization improves the open rate by a whopping 800%.

Bland messaging doesn’t go very far in making your users stick around. Generic experiences result in uninstalls, churns, and loss of revenue. This is where personalized push notifications come in handy. Most push notifications can be made action-specific which will intrigue users to open your app and continue with a transaction.

Here is a message that we received from the popular travel website Expedia (made us open the app again!) –

Hey Vajro,

We have more flight options for your travel to Reykjavik. Book today and get 5% off on your final ticket.

This notification not only identified that we are looking for a flight to Reykjavik but also threw in a small discount set specifically for us. It talked to us on a one-on-one basis and fueled our FOMO to take action soon.

Send location-specific notifications to show that you care

Location-based push notifications make your message highly relevant. It helps to deliver the right information at the right time and at the right place. Sending offer notifications when they are closer to a physical store or targeted area can make customers visit the store and use the discount code to make a purchase.

Here is a message you might receive from Starbucks when you enter the vicinity of their store in Thornton Avenue –

Hi Bob, You are near Starbucks on Thornton Avenue. Currently 25% off on your favorite drink: Vanilla Latte.

If you analyze this notification, it oozes care. Right from identifying the location to detecting his favorite drink, Starbucks has nailed their communication to Bob. Such a message will intrigue Bob to respond to the notification by drinking his favorite Vanilla Latte even if he was in the area to collect his laundry!

Location-based notifications serve as an excellent way to make customers buy something from you even if they are not interested in the first place – A great way to boost revenue.

Your notifications serve as an excellent icebreaker

Push notification breaks ice quicker than a hammer. It helps to establish the first communication channel between your brand and the customer. Some brands even use humor to warm up to their customers. Popular brands like Simon Circles, Domino’s Pizza, and Netflix often induce smiles among their users with their witty messaging. Here is a funny notification from Domino’s-

Love Pizza but hate people?

Your Domino’s Pizza could soon arrive via self-driving car

As a customer, receiving such notifications not only puts a smile on your face but also brings a brand under your radar. You can also send funny images and videos to capture their attention.

With Vajro, it’s easy as a pie to send images, GIFs, and videos (only for iPhone) through push notifications. Vajro always recommends using media to make your notifications enticing.

Vajro push notification

Here is a detailed guide on how to send push notifications to your users with Vajro.

Customers will end up being loyal to a brand that makes an effort to delight them. So next time you send push notifications, don’t forget to tickle the funny bone of your users.


Here is a thumb rule for any business – if you don’t talk to customers regularly, you’re gonna lose them as fast as you acquire them. And there is no better way to communicate with your customers than through push notifications.

Whether you are just getting started with push notifications or looking for ways to make your current efforts more effective, this post would have approved your decision to work with push notifications. A good push notification strategy can undoubtedly help you boost revenue and improve customer loyalty.

With Vajro, you get three things – an awesome resources section to redefine your push notification strategy, an intuitive feature to create, manage and schedule push notifications, and a world-class app that offers an immersive shopping experience to your users.

So what are you waiting for, send us your requirements to

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