E-commerce marketing
E-commerce marketing
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December 12, 2022

6 types of videos that you can use in eCommerce marketing


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96% of shoppers find videos helpful when making purchase decisions online - Animoto

1 in 4 shoppers say they’ve used YouTube to search for a video related to a product they’re considering while in store - Google

On average, 12% of visitors to an e-commerce web page view a video when one is available - Mediapost

All the above stats clearly highlight one thing - Videos should be an integral part of your eCommerce marketing strategy (if they are not already).

But the bigger question to address is - What kind of videos can you integrate with your marketing efforts to improve conversions, sales, and revenues?

Let’s find out in this post as we take you through 6 different types of videos that you can use in your online store right away.

6 Types of videos you can use in eCommerce

1. Comparison videos

In layman’s terms, these videos compare your product with your competitors. Now not many businesses embrace these kinds of videos because they are a double-edged sword. There are high chances that your biased analysis(which is common) towards your product against the competition can be misinterpreted by consumers as ‘over-selling’ or ‘desperate’. But when the videos are carefully done without tarnishing your competitors’ products and portraying only the genuine differences, comparison videos can convert any type of user into a customer.

2. Multi-angle view of the product

A video showcasing your products from multiple angles, along with close-up shots, will help the buyers make an informed decision about the product. They will feel more confident about purchasing the products as they get an experience that’s as close to real life as possible. According to a survey by Wyzowl, around 80% of people are confident about buying a product with a video attached to it.

3. Tutorial videos

If you are selling products that are quite complex to install or handle, then there are high chances that only some of your customers might be aware of how to use the product correctly. This is also applicable when your product arrives in a disassembled form, and the customer needs to assemble it all by themself, but they don’t know how to do it. To help such customers, you can add tutorial videos describing the products, the working, the assembling procedure, and also the best practices of using them. This will ensure that the customer has a clear idea about the product and knows how to use it in the correct way, leading to improved satisfaction. This, in turn, can translate to more sales in the future.

4. Videos from top management

A CEO or an MD talking about their products creates a lot more trust amongst the audience than a random model talking about them. These videos will also have a wider reach and will help build a personal rapport with the audience. According to Ace Metrix, ads featuring top management personnel perform better with a higher conversion than the regular ones.

5. Awareness videos

Videos that convey a message via an emotional narrative can attract more people than videos that talk only about the products. Emotions can play with people's minds and encourage them to take actions they otherwise wouldn’t have. Try creating videos that weave a story around your brand and make the audience proud to be associated with your brand. For instance, if you own an online boutique, you could simply talk about the weavers or tailors in your store and how the customers are changing their lives by purchasing from them.

6. Influencer Videos

Customers talking positively about your product is good. But influencers talking positively is better. Why? An influencer has a wider reach than a regular person. They are quite well-known in their field and will have thousands of followers. When they promote your brand, it will not only create brand awareness but also trust among a large audience. Most influencers will agree to feature in your brand videos for a price or free products (mainly smaller influencers).

Wrapping Up

With the eCommerce domain getting highly competitive in recent times, businesses have to differentiate themselves to survive in the red ocean. And videos are one of the easiest ways to differentiate yourself because only a few of your competitors are doing it. Gone are the days when you had to spend multiple days and thousands of dollars to shoot a 5 minutes video. Today, thousands of professional video editing tools are available online, costing only a fraction of what they used to cost before.

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