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January 24, 2023

6 Ways to Get More Vajro App Installs to Scale Your Business

Elizabeth from Hite Digital Dayton

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POV: You have a growing e-commerce business and/or boutique and you are looking for the best way to scale your Shopify store. You’ve done your research and you know m-commerce (purchases made on a mobile device- phone or tablet) accounts for 73%+ of all e-commerce sales and prioritizing the mobile experience is important to business growth! You heard about this amazing company, Vajro, that will help you build an app with a few drag-and-drops, you book the demo, make the leap and your well-branded app is ready to go. You just know this is it…your key to scaling! You launch your app and a few months go by and you’ve got a few installs but this is not taking off as you anticipated.

You think maybe this isn’t for you and consider jumping ship. As an e-commerce expert who has worked with hundreds of boutique and e-commerce businesses, and who has seen the overwhelming revenue power and increases in the lifetime value of app users,  I encourage you to reassess your strategy and double down on your install efforts using the tips below:

1. Consistently use your social media to promote your app

Social media is a powerful tool for promoting your app and driving more installs but often we think that we need to make an announcement and everyone will flock to the app store and install. This is a problem for a few reasons:

 1) Fighting the algorithm means a small percentage of our audience sees each post and we need to be very consistent with our message to get the most impact 

2) Not everyone who does see the announcement will install the app immediately. 

Customers who know, like, and trust us are the low-hanging fruit and will install immediately, but those who aren’t as familiar with us will need to see the message several times before installing the app. Be consistent and clear with your message–not only giving the link to install but also giving all the details on the app, how to use it, the discount, and all exclusive offers! Pin this info to your group and page but don’t use this as an excuse to not post consistently.

2. Offer incentives for app installs

Consider offering incentives for people to download and use your app. This could be a discount code, free shipping, or access to exclusive deals and promotions. Make sure to clearly communicate the value of these incentives in your marketing efforts to encourage more installs. We never want to set our customers up to be discount seekers, but we see that app users are so valuable to our clients with lifetime values up to $2,000+ that offering a discount to get the app on the phone more than pays off in lifetime value!

3. Use email marketing to promote your app

Email marketing is another effective way to promote your app and drive more installs. When you are launching your app, having an effective series that explains the benefits, the exclusive offers, and how-to use the app are so important, but so is a consistent message in your broadcast emails. Showcasing the app in your post-purchase indoctrination series–so every new customer knows how to install–is incredibly important to consistently grow your app installs. 

4. Promote the app in all product fulfillment 

With every purchase, include a well-branded thank you postcard and use a QR code linked to your app to encourage more installs. Add some creative copy or just the QR code to pique curiosity, reminiscent of the Super Bowl Coinbase QR commercial, which resulted in 20 million scans and ultimately broke the system. Bonus points if you can link the code to a landing page with a welcome message from you, the owner, where you explain the benefits of the app and the next steps! 

5. Run ads to promote your app

Paid social, including Facebook and Instagram ads, are a great way to grow your Vajro installs. When you work backwards with the math and pay attention to the cost per install and how many new app installs are converted in relation to the lifetime value of your app users, you can scale easily with your app. This is a more advanced strategy and can often be best accomplished with an experienced digital marketing agency that knows the space well, but it’s a strategy we see paying off over and over again! Want to chat ads to grow your installs? Here is a link to more information. For example,  we got 2,041 app installs for a client in the last 6 months of 2022, 640 of whom purchased….with an average lifetime value of $1,200, that is $744,400 in revenue!

6. Optimize your app store listing

Often overlooked but so important,  make sure your app store listing is optimized for conversion. This means using clear, high-quality screenshots and videos that showcase the key features and benefits of your app. It also means writing a compelling and descriptive app title and app description that clearly communicates what your app does and why it's worth downloading. Also, reviews go a long way in improving your app search optimization–encourage your current users to leave reviews about the quality, experience, and ease of use of your app!

Growing app installs doesn’t happen overnight and it does not happen without a consistent, effective strategy, but when you use the tips above and you stick with it, you will see the returns in time and money paying off exponentially.

If you are a current Vajro customer and want to increase your app installs or if you are just getting ready to start with Vajro and want to create a full-proof system to launch well and grow well with your app installs, check out Launch Your App for an exclusive discount!

Author Bio:

As the daughter of two entrepreneurs, Elizabeth Presher saw firsthand the ups and downs of small business ownership from a young age and still knew it was the life for her. Now the Owner/Partner of Hite Digital Dayton, she combines her five years of boutique/ecommerce ownership with her passion for all things marketing to help businesses grow their audience and revenue through Paid Social, SEO, PPC and Email Marketing. She is a certified eCommerce Marketing Expert and specializes in creating profitable growth plans for Boutiques and eCommerce businesses!

Spending time with her husband, Bryan, two teenage sons, Owen and Grifin, reading, traveling and Netflix binges are her favorites!

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