Shopify e-commerce
Shopify e-commerce
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October 26, 2021

9 Phenomenal Shopify Apps to Ace BFCM 2021


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Exciting. Momentous. Enjoyable. Relaxing.

These are some of the common words used by people to describe the holiday season.

But there is a faction of people who describe it as -

Swamped. Busy. Persevering. Slaving.

And these rare species of people are known as eCommerce sellers.

Holidays are undoubtedly the most excruciatingly draining period of the year for sellers as it is the time most people shop. Their production goes into overdrive and their logistics go into a frenzy mode.

Zeroing in on a reliable platform like Shopify can make your job way easier. Yes, you can set up your store, market it and manage it in a single place. But what really sets Shopify apart is the thousands of apps that can propel your business forward with minimal effort.

Especially during a period like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season, you need support from every corner to manage your business without any failure.

But as we pointed out, there are thousands of apps (4200 as of May 2020) in the Shopify App Store. Navigating through them and identifying the best one for your business is not an easy mountain to climb. We’ve made it easy for you as we bring you not one but nine unique and useful apps that can help you conquer the BFCM sale this year.


The only 5-star reviewed app on this list, Vajro helps build your own mobile app from scratch in a few hours. With Vajro, creating mobile apps(both Android and IOS) before the upcoming holiday season is going to be a breeze. The best part about Vajro is that there is no code involved; you can create stunning mobile apps just by dragging and dropping different elements. Also, Vajro offers a suite of other handy features such as live selling, push notifications and AI personal shopper, and so on. In other words, it is the perfect weapon to add to your arsenal this BFCM season.

Countdown Sales Timer

If there is one thing that always works when it comes to selling, it's FOMO. People do not want to be left out in getting the best products at the best prices. This is where a countdown timer helps. And the best place to get it - Countdown Sales Timer.

Through this app, you can place the countdown timer at the top or bottom of your landing page. You not only get a host of themes to pick from but can also customize your own designs that match your brand voice.


Influencer marketing is another game-changer when it comes to eCommerce. Connecting with the right influencers can turbocharge your online sales, exposing you to partner brands and co-marketing opportunities for your business. With Carro, you can collaborate with other top brands and cross-sell your products to other Shopify stores. You can also sell related products from your partner brands in your own store. This way your brand recognition will get a major boost among your target audience.


Customers usually never hit the place order button unless they go through the product reviews. This gives them reassurance as it has been successfully recommended by people who already have the product in hand. But managing reviews is never easy, especially when you are still young in the eCommerce space.

Enter Yotpo. It can be easily integrated with your store in a single click to display and manage reviews. You can use its email feature and Q&As to automatically gather reviews from people who visited and purchased from your store. The user-friendly Yotpo app will not let any customers skip their product review session.

Page Studio

To draw customers during events like BFCM, eye-catching landing pages are mandatory. It plays an instrumental role in grabbing attention from people who are scrounging for products you are selling. In the past, you had to be a strong designer to build beautiful landing pages for your store. But with the advent of Page Studio, you can create professionally looking landing pages without prior experience. This intuitive and user-friendly app comes with an array of features like a library of aesthetically pleasing layout templates, an advanced editor for developers, fully responsive pages to name a few.


Here is a simple rule for the upcoming BFCM season (often forgotten in the past) - exceptional customer service equals more customers indulging multiple purchases. Gorgias arms your business with an entire customer support team to manage the hordes of incoming customers this holiday season. It centralizes all your support channels from live support to Facebook messages,  answers customer queries, and provides support 24/7. It helps in automating a sizable number of your supporting tasks, providing personalization at every level.

Lucky Orange

Did you know that around 70% of shopping carts are abandoned? The number will be higher during a high-octane season like BFCM. The reason for abandonment could be anything -  changed mind, found the product elsewhere at lower prices, and so on. Unfortunately, in the past, you never knew the reason for cart abandonment. But with Lucky Orange integrated into your store, you will know the answer in a few seconds. Its heat maps and shopping session analysis show the exact journey of the users, where they clicked, and where you lost the sale.

Plug In SEO

Having a solid presence in search engines has become a necessity more than a luxury today. With Plug In SEO, you need not be an SEO expert to push your store to the top of the search engine rankings. It increases web traffic to your store by following Google’s best practices. It even suggests the perfect keywords to master SEO.

Referral Candy

If you are a store owner, it is not only important to attract more visitors, but also to have the right set of people visiting your website. Referrals are the best way to bring in people who have a high propensity to buy from your store (as the store has been recommended by someone they trust).

The best way to manage your referral campaign is through Referral Candy. Referral Candy works on a very simple principle. To convert your new customers into more customers by providing referral-based discounts to the former. This app helps your business tap into the personal network of your customers(friends, co-workers, and family). Some of the popular features of Referral Candy include post-purchase popups and emails to attract existing customers to your referral programs, sending rewards automatically to customers who have made a successful referral, and so on.


The above-listed apps are your trump card for this BFCM season. But they can also help your business continue the successful run even after the holiday season gets over. Before downloading the apps highlighted in this post, determine your end goals for this BFCM season. The answer to that question will automatically direct you to the right apps that you need to install for your Shopify store.

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