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customer experience
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July 2, 2020

Vajro Integrates with Flits!


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Vajro has always been on a mission to make strategic integrations over time that have added value to businesses and their mobile apps. It has always been a top priority for us to help our clients give their customers the best shopping experience. Customer Experience is the single most important factor that contributes to customer loyalty.

With that being said, Vajro is happy to announce our newest integration. Now Flits is available to integrate with Vajro’s mobile application for businesses to give their  customers the most enticing shopping experience. Businesses that use Flits and Vajro can now provide their customers with the Flits interface on their mobile applications, without having to login over their browsers which proved to be cumbersome!

Flits is a platform that provides its users with features that are on par with that of bigger global ecommerce stores. Flits offers customers with eye-catching account pages along with exciting Store Credits, and other features Social Logins, Reordering, Order History and Wish Lists that would ease customer usage.

What do businesses get out of the integration?

Businesses with the integration can make the best use of Flits’ features to drive up their customer retention rate and ROI. Store Credits on Flits is a reward system where the amount of money spent by a customer gets converted to credits which customers could use in the future. Reordering is another feature that would help with the store’s returning customer rate, as it makes it easier for customers to order a product again without having to go through the process of looking for it again.

Smaller store owners have a lot to gain using this integration as it would benefit these stores that are not in the position to shell out a lot, but are looking to improve the customer experience they offer and eventually improve their returning customer rate. The best part about the integration is that neither Vajro nor Flits require any kind of coding to have to work with.

What does the integration mean for customers?

The customers, apart from getting store credits and the ability to reorder without, now get to login easily with their social media accounts, check their order history and have wish lists of products to buy later. All their features will now be up on one dashboard. The integration will enable them to use Flits’ interface on Vajro mobile app, as opposed to having to login over a browser as they have been doing in the past. The ease of usage offered by the platform will result in an increase in customer retention.

How can stores acquire the integration?

Very simple. All they need to do is install the Flits app from their Shopify console. And then go to the Integrations section on their Vajro console page and select Flits. A dialogue box would pop up asking for details (which stores can acquire from Flits’ customer support). Enter those details, and ta-da! The integration is complete. Now their customers would be able to use Flits’ features on their mobile app. And as mentioned, no coding is required in any of these processes.

So what are you waiting for? Get the integration done right away and give your customers the best experience that you could offer. If you would like to learn more about what we do at Vajro, head over to our website, and check out our features and benefits.

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