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January 6, 2022

Non-Profit Organizations: Why Take The Mobile Path?


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Non-profit organizations are an integral part of our society. They have been positively impacting different sectors like education, environment, health, and many more. It is true that non-profits have a different vision and mission, and they work with an altruistic goal at their core. But that doesn’t mean they can remain static forever.

Customer demands and preferences are changing at a drastic rate. And it’s no different for non-profit organizations and their customers. For non-profits, the customers are donors who help them raise funds and the members or volunteers who come forward to help. They are expecting the same user experience that they are drawing from other businesses. And, going mobile is the easiest and most effective solution to overcome this challenge.

As far as a non-profit organization is concerned, going mobile includes:

  • An optimized website with content and donor forms for mobile devices.
  • Enabling mobile messaging for members, co-workers, and donors.
  • Integrating online donation or text-to-give features.
  • Creating and monitoring your social presence.
  • Designing your own mobile app.

Let’s try to understand how all the above factors will benefit non-profits and help them grow.

Easy Collection Of Donor Data

Data is the new gamechanger for businesses, irrespective of their nature. For non-profits, it is important to collect the data of their donors for improved segmentation and targeting. Instead of doing it manually, your app’s onboarding process will help you collect it automatically and feed it to your CRM software. This process will even help you obtain additional details, and you can further segment them based on individual interests.

For example, the below screenshot is from the non-profit organization “The Humane Society of the United States.” Their donation page is extremely extensive and gathers a vast amount of data from the donors, which at a later point will be useful for other functions and operations of the organization.

Improved Communication & Accessibility

Communicating with members and donors is quite tedious for non-profits. It is a highly important part of their organizational process, and it is unavoidable for their functioning. By going mobile, you are able to reach out to them at any place or any time, and it creates an effective communication channel between you and your stakeholders.

Another facet of going mobile is that it brings ease of accessibility along with it. By giving your stakeholders all the relevant information in one touch, you will be able to gain better control over the daily operations.

In the voluntary sector, lone working is a norm, and your volunteers will be working with the most vulnerable people in different communities. With a mobile app, you will be able to keep track of your team and make sure they are safe.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is again a brilliant example of how going mobile will help build an effective communication channel with its stakeholders. It added a text-messaging component to their campaign against commercial seal hunting in Canada. The app was so unique; it provided live updates to the supporters during the hunting period. HSUS was able to get the message across to a large number of people, and the campaign was a huge success in the country.

Encourage Fundraising

Fundraising is a critical part of any non-profit organization. It enables sustainable growth and offers support to your daily operations. And, if you donors are finding it difficult to donate for the cause, then all your hard work behind the scenes will go waste. By going mobile, you will be able to encourage fundraising at an improved rate. With online donation pages, portals, or donation apps, your donors will be able to complete the task by clicking a few buttons, which will prompt more responses and contributions.

Mobile fundraising platforms offer a wide range of ways to give a donation. For example, the user can conveniently opt for a one-off donation, monthly subscription, or even try out a crowdfunding campaign with a tiered reward for the supporters. With new and innovative methods like text-to-give (TTG), mobile donations have become incredibly faster, secure, effortless, and, more importantly, transparent.

For example, the famous NPO Red Cross has integrated the TTG feature, which has been an efficient and quick fundraising strategy for international aid and disaster reliefs. The donations were instantaneous, and the response was monumental. As part of the Haiti earthquake relief fund, Red Cross raised around $43 million through its TTG campaign.

Build & Expand Communities

Communities are the backbone of a non-profit organization. Apart from the monetary gains, having an active community will help non-profits thrive. They help connect with the public and build long-lasting relationships. Your users will be able to share their experiences while volunteering, share new ideas, or shed light on new areas that need your help.

A strong social presence is vital for building and expanding communities, and by going mobile, you will be able to achieve that. All you have to do is monitor the responses, interact with the donors or members, and make them feel part of the organization.

Wrapping Up

The process of going mobile is a daunting proposition for the majority of non-profit organizations. The entire transformation can be quite overwhelming, time-consuming, and costly. But we are living in the age of innovation and technological advancements, and technology is reshaping businesses. People can connect with each other from literally any part of the world and help someone across the globe conveniently at one click of a button. For non-profits, these are new, unexplored avenues that will further propel them to greater heights to reach and help more people.

Vajro is here to help you in this transitional phase. We have got you covered if you are planning to go mobile. With our instant mobile app factory, we will deliver your dream mobile app for your organization. Our apps are tailor-made for your NPO, and they come with all the latest features to navigate your way. For more information, book a demo now.

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