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June 30, 2020

Buy Now, Pay Later with Vajro’s Latest Integrations

Venkata Subramanian

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We at Vajro, are constantly looking for ways to make your business successful. On that note, we’d like to officially announce our three new integrations – QuadPay, Afterpay and Sezzle. The integrations have been made in an effort to give shoppers the option to buy immediately and pay after a certain period of time. We have seen businesses profit from these integrations significantly, especially in times of the ongoing pandemic.

QuadPay, Sezzle, and Afterpay are payment apps that allow shoppers to buy the product they desire and pay in four interest-free installments at no extra cost. It’s as simple as that, no catch or hook of any sort. Each app is trusted and used by hundreds of top brands and smaller businesses in the Shopify ecosystem!

Challenges that led to the Integration

There are a few challenges store owners have encountered in their pursuit to increase overall sales numbers and conversion rates. Abandoned carts are one of the factors that contribute to the lower conversion rate. It has been observed that 55% of the abandoned carts are due to high costs during checkout. Additionally, 67% of young shoppers do not have credit cards, which also plays a factor in lowered conversion rates, as they have no other means of buying a product that is out of their purchasing power.

How do the integrations benefit shoppers?

Now that your customers are able to shop right away and pay in installments after a certain period of time, they have been empowered with a smarter way to pay. The fact that shoppers can make four easy payments at no extra cost or interest makes the decision to purchase easier for them.

Younger shoppers would also find it beneficial for them to shop products and pay in smaller amounts over a certain time period, rather than having to pay for their purchase in one go.

How does it work for businesses?

Businesses have seen an upwards of 20% increase in overall sales and average order value when they enable these integrations on their Shopify store. Once shoppers select the Buy Now and Pay Later option, they’d be required to fill a short form to get an instant approval decision. A new smarter payment system would encourage customers to shop more frequently, thus boosting your repeat customer rate and customer retention.

Retailers will be paid the full amount up front so that the orders can be shipped right away. The complete risk of non-payments will fall on the integration providers. Businesses get to enjoy the benefits of the integrations without having to worry about non-payments and follow-ups.

How to get it rolling?

Here’s the detailed guide on how to implement the Buy Now Pay Later feature.

Please note that this feature only works if the respective plugins are integrated on your Shopify web store as well. Sezzle and Afterpay will be available from the Growth plan onwards, while QuadPay will be available on the Power Premium plan.

Don’t have a mobile app yet? Write to to set up a demo!

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