Mobile Commerce
Mobile Commerce
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February 1, 2017

Debunking M-Commerce Myths


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Mobile accounts for:

- the larger half of e-commerce footfall than desktops

- nearly 25% of all e-commerce sales

In this blog we bust some myths about mobile commerce and shed light on how different mobile adaptations for your online store work differently.

A foreign and independent channel

About 40% of the shoppers use cross-platforms to make purchases, as opposed to just one medium. So mobiles are not a separate channel working independent of other media. In fact, a lot of the time it acts as a bridge linking a person to the digital world the quickest given its proximity and mobility.

An annex to e-commerce

While it is an important piece of the e-commerce shopping experience it is insidious misinformation believing that it’s a part of, an extension or a watered down version of the desktop experience. Websites need to be optimized for mobile navigation and functionality, or a mobile app must be offered.

It’s for the tech generation

6 in 10 seniors are internet users, under half of them have a broadband connection, and nearly 70% have mobile phones or tablets. While millennials grew up with technology, these stats indicate the geriatric demographic users who are usually more stubborn in adopting new tech stuff. So imagine the rest who are aren’t yet in the geriatric bracket but belonging to the more mature milestones of age. Tablets are closer to desktops and easier for them to convert to. Don’t underestimate your prospects and lose out for a lack of perspective.

Eenie meenie miny mo, Are tablets websites or smartphones?

Neither. But they do embrace the best of both those worlds and offer those benefits to you – mobile mobility and touch-screen navigation, but bigger screens and visibility and better rendition of a website. This makes some people forget to prioritize tablet optimization. Tablets are used more by children and older people – children have less access to a smartphone; seniors find the shift from desktop to tablet less of a jump. With the rest of the people, the usage behavior shows that smartphones have an overwhelming usage but this is usually for social media, messaging, and quick info access. For detailed review and purchase the tab or desktop is preferred. At moments like that when you are trying to decide whether you should or shouldn’t bother being fanatical about tab design, just remember that conversions through tabs are 1.37% and from smartphones it’s 0.61% [source].

And miles to go before mobile topples desktop

Sorry to bust your bubble, but no! Desktop conversions are, without much debate, the highest that any other digital mode. However, you can’t ignore the importance of mobile in the customer’s buying journey. Mobile, as mentioned earlier, accounts for the maniacal reception of online traffic. They buyers journey, more often than not, begins here with their research, browsing, or them acting on offers or notifications. This is the fastest way to reach them. So neglecting this platform or desisting from investing in its design can be an unmitigated offense against your own company.

You’d rather be prepared now than buffet against the winds of change that are already being seen with the increased popularity and development of this medium.

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