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July 9, 2020

Vajro's Integration With Best Fit - Size Chart


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Vajro has been meticulously picking out partnerships that would help businesses improve their returns and give their customers the best shopping experience. That being said, we are happy to announce Vajro’s integration with Best Fit – Size Chart! The integration is being made in an effort to help businesses provide a professional customized sizing chart for free to their customers and reduce returns due to sizing and fitting issues in the process.

Best Fit – Size Chart is the only size chart integration on Shopify that provides its clients with a free plan. This means businesses of any size could benefit by creating unlimited stylish charts and style guides for free, without having to deal with the unprofessional “powered by” watermarks.

Challenges that led to the Integration

One of the many issues online stores face is having to deal with items being returned after purchase. While customers return products for various reasons, a major reason is sizing and fitting issues. We have observed that while shoppers tend to return 5-10% of what they purchase in store, the return is at a significantly higher rate of 15-40% when bought online. A lot of uncertainty about size or fit is why many shoppers prefer shopping at B&Ms over shopping online.

How does the integration benefit shoppers?

The integration empowers shoppers with accurate size charts that helps them make purchases with ease, without having to worry about sizing and fitting issues. This minimizes instances of size mismatches that lead to returns. This gives the shoppers a sense of trust while making purchases.

How would the integration help businesses?

A major benefit businesses would get out of the integration is reduced number of returns after purchases are made. High return rates resulting in revenue loss can be directly traced back to sizing issues!

The number of sizing charts businesses can make and design out of this unlimited! Best Fit – Size Chart is the only app that offers a free plan for businesses without a “powered by” watermark that might take any credibility away from the store.

In addition to minimizing returns, size charts would also enhance shoppers’ experience while making purchases in your store.

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