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August 21, 2020

Vajro’s Integration with Klarna On-Site Messaging


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We at Vajro are excited to announce our integration with Klarna On-Site Messaging. Now your shoppers have a more flexible payment option that gives them the ability to buy what they love right away! The partnership will also help sellers drive conversions and boost their revenue.

Businesses of all sizes have benefited from using Klarna on-site messaging to enable their customers to buy products and pay in smaller installments, even more so now due to the ongoing pandemic. Since more customers are able to afford the products, stores have been able to drive revenue!

Integration Overview

Stores have been facing numerous challenges due to the ongoing pandemic, and one of the major problems has been cart abandonment, which resulted in a lower conversion rate. The partnership has been implemented in order to offer shoppers with a payment method that would enable them to buy the products they desire without having to worry about paying the entire amount in one go.

Klarna On-Site Messaging is a flexible payment option that provides customers with the ability to buy the product they desire and pay in smaller interest-free installments over a set period of  time.

A smarter payment method for your shoppers

Customers are now given the ability to buy what they want and pay later in smaller installments over a period of time. Klarna provides your customers with a more flexible payment option that would help them make the decision to purchase much easier.

The shoppers would not have to worry about paying the entire amount upfront for the products they purchase. Younger customers would also find it very beneficial to be able to purchase and pay later!

All the shoppers have to do is select Klarna's Buy now pay later option on the product page to avail the feature.

Minimize cart abandonment and improve conversions

Businesses that use Klarna on-site messaging have reported a 45% uptick in average order value from shoppers paying with 4 interest-free installments. Customers who choose Klarna shop 20% more often and purchase 45% more per transaction on average. 44% of users would have abandoned cart if buy now, pay later option was not available.

A smarter payment system that would help sellers boost their conversions and increase their revenue, and also encourage shoppers to make recurrent purchases.

Stores get the full amount paid upfront so that the orders can be shipped right away, without having to worry about non-payments and follow-ups!

Get started

Want to get the plug-in for your app? Here's a detailed guide on how to set it up!

Please ensure that the integration is enabled on your Shopify online store, as well as the Vajro dashboard for your customers to be able to use Klarna on-site messaging!

P.S. The plugin is available from Vajro's Growth plan.

Don't have a mobile app yet? Write to to set up a demo!

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