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Live Selling
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June 21, 2021

Getting Started With Live Selling: A Handbook


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“A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a thousand pictures.”

Now that’s a great quote. But we know that a random quote from a random source is not going to win over you into believing that video is the best form of content out there. Luckily, we have data to prove this-

  • A one-minute video is equal to 1.8 million words - according to a study by Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research.
  • 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the last 30 days - according to Online Publishers Association,

Thanks to data like these, many young businesses(eCommerce especially) have come up to an important realization -

Beautifully drafted descriptions and professionally designed images are no longer enough to lure shoppers into purchasing their products. Instead, videos are their best bet to shape their growth trajectory and compete with the bigger names.

Live selling is a product of this realization. It not only helps to sell more products online but also assuages shoppers’ fears in trusting a new brand.

In this post, we will walk you through the steps to get started with live selling on popular platforms, along with some live selling tips. But first, let us answer the question -

What is live selling?

As the name suggests, it’s a process of selling your products while you are on a live stream. Through live selling, shoppers are empowered to view the expressions of the seller, listen to their story firsthand, and then decide whether to purchase the product or not.

Unlike pre-recorded webinars or edited presentations, live selling is highly interactive, allowing viewers to ask questions and clarify their doubts in real-time. Such real-time interactions help buyers build a solid rapport with their sellers and induce trust through engagement.

Now that you know the live selling definition and live selling advantages, let's look at some live selling apps, some popular channels that you can use for live selling, and also some live selling examples.

Popular channels of live selling: How to start a live selling process?

Most social media platforms offer provisions for live selling. But that doesn’t mean every platform is effective. For example, though you can go live on Twitter, not many marketers use it for selling ‘live’ as they cannot find a relevant target audience there. On the other hand, some platforms have gained widespread acceptance and have become the go-to platforms for live selling due to their powerful features and intuitive user interface. Here are four such platforms -

Facebook Live

Facebook is not just a place to share stories about your products anymore. Gone are the days when you could just post photos and videos of products, hoping with bated breath that your followers will take some action. Today, thanks to Facebook Live, you can take your products ‘live’ and enjoy an increase in engagement by up to 3x times compared to ordinary videos.

The products are usually sold either by prompting users to reserve the item or encouraging them to enter a live auction to bid for the product. For example, Dale’s clothing, the popular online apparel store, lets users comment on their interest to purchase an outfit worn by the model in the live session.

Live selling 1
Live selling 1

You can kickstart your Facebook Live through the “Live” option on your company’s page. When you are ready to sign off, click on ‘Finish’ to close the live session.  

Live selling 2
Live selling 2

Pro tip - Write an engaging and clickbaity headline. This will entice users to join your session.

Amazon Live

Amazon Live is the new kid on the block and is more of Amazon’s in-house shopping channel. It enables the sellers to showcase their products by embedding them into a ‘lifestyle context.’ For example - selling pans in a kitchen setup.

Amazon Live has flourished into a handy tool for sellers as it helps them to engage and connect with users, which is not possible in the core Amazon platform.

Live selling 3
Live selling 3

Nick DiGiovanni, the youngest MasterChef finalist, uses Amazon Live to promote different products through a live cooking experience. He attracts users to brands by recommending viewers to use their products for the best possible results.

But don’t think that Amazon Live is restricted just to influencers like Nick. Any Amazon-approved seller can use this platform to sell their products live.

To get started with Amazon Live, all you have to do is:

  • Download the Amazon Live Creator app
  • Log in with your Seller Central account
  • Use the app to create the live stream and add products to feature
  • Use the built-in camera of your device to shoot and stream your video.
Live selling 4
Live selling 4

Pro tip: Don’t forget to use the multiple login feature of Amazon Live. Whenever one of your staff is selling, another member can simultaneously monitor the chat and answer users' questions.

YouTube Live

YouTube is a seller’s delight today. It allows them to generate new leads through ads and also sell their products live.

A brand that has made YouTube their home is HSN. You can shop your favorite HSN products on their YouTube channel that runs throughout the year. For example, the below video started streaming live on Dec 13, 2017 and is still going live today.

Live selling 5
Live selling 5

To get started with YouTube Live, you need to:

  • Verify your account and identity
  • Download the YouTube encoding software and set it up
  • Fill in basic information about your stream
  • Then review your streaming options
  • After the initial setup, click on the ‘Stream Now’ option under the Live Streaming section.


Blynk is the all-new live video selling dashboard for Vajro’s customers. Through this, you can offer an enhanced customer experience and at the same time boost your sales & revenue.

Blynk was initially started as a live feature (within the app) that allowed the customers to add the displayed products to their carts without venturing out of the app. This has now evolved into a more robust feature that enables users to go live on the app and stream it in parallel on Facebook.

Here are some key features of Blynk that you’ll love -

  • Automated reading of comments from Facebook
  • Auto-invoicing customers based on the comments
  • Manually select products from inventory or scan them by barcode
  • Send push notifications to your target audience and keep them informed about the upcoming live selling session
Live selling 6
Live selling 6

To get started with Blynk:

  • Go to your Vajro admin dashboard and click on Live Video
  • If you are a new customer, click on ‘Start a live video sale.’ If you are an existing user, click on ‘Create Live Sale.’
  • In the next step, provide a name for the live sale, select/scan products to sell, select the target audience, and set up the push notifications
  • Now go to your Vajro admin app on your mobile, and click on the Live Video Sales section at the bottom
  • Once you're ready to start the session, click on "Start Now!"

And it’s as simple as that!

To know more about how to use Blynk, click here.


Businesses of all sizes need to embrace live selling and make it a core part of their selling strategy in the coming days. While finding the right platform may take some time and work, the results of a good live selling experience will ensure that it is worth the effort you take.

No matter what platform you choose to venture for live selling, invest in quality video and audio equipment to enrich the user experience and retain their attention and trust. Trust can incite the viewer’s enthusiasm to make a purchase.  

If you want to explore Vajro’s Blynk and find out whether it is the perfect platform for you, write to us at

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