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June 27, 2022

Hottest Trends in Mobile App Development for 2022


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Think about this. Are your favorite apps like WhatsApp and Instagram the same as they were when you first started using them?

The answer is probably no.

In fact, if you’ve noticed, they release updates every month or so; adding new design elements or updating the all important backend technology.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case with all the apps.

The mobile app industry is evolving at such a rapid pace that many apps are falling behind.

Thanks to constant exposure to apps, users know what the latest trends are and they expect the best.

To earn a spot among the best apps in the world, app owners and businesses should keep a close eye on various hot trends that are shaping the present and future of the world.

Here are the top trends in mobile app developments for 2022 -

5G. Finally!

The talk about 5G has been around for quite a few years now. But, 2022 is the year when tech companies have officially started incorporating 5G at scale. 5G enabled devices are already in the market. It is expected that around 47% of all smartphones will be 5G enabled. But, what effect will this have on app development? Here are some possibilities -

  • Video streaming apps will improve thanks to higher resolution, less latency and faster performance
  • There will be more opportunities to integrate AR and VR into apps
  • Developers will be able to add new features without impacting the app’s performance negatively
  • Mobile payments will be quicker and secure because of faster processing of biometric data

Very soon, we can expect to see such ideas turning into reality.

A Warm Welcome to Foldable Devices

Foldable devices did not get the best of welcomes when they were first introduced a couple of years ago. But, they are slowly penetrating into the market. According to Statista, around 50 Million foldable devices are to be shipped in 2022. It is time to keep foldable devices in mind while planning out your mobile app development strategy.

The kind of apps that can benefit the most from foldable devices are gaming apps and video streaming apps. All that the app owners need to do is something as simple as increasing the resolution of the app or using the extra space to accommodate more controls and information.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Will Become a ‘Reality’

AR and VR have been in the market for close to a decade now. In the recent years, we have seen mass adoption of VR and AR. For example, Google Maps has a new feature called “Live View” that allows users to see directions in real-time in a real-world imagery.

Another giant leap for AR came from a partnership between Apple and Ikea. They launched a Studio Mode feature that allows users to virtually place furniture in an area of their choice. The AR and VR industry is expected to grow to $209 Billion in 2022 and the time has never been more right for mass adoption of these technologies in your app.

More Wearable Devices in the Market

From smartwatches to health bands, wearable devices have taken the market by storm. Big brands including Samsung and Apple have been constantly updating their devices and operating systems. This presents opportunities for app developers to be creative and build apps that are tailored for such devices.

There have been some big announcements in the industry too. For example, Google announced a unified wearable platform that will see its Android operating system blending with Samsung’s Tizen. This move will boost app startup times by about 30%.

All this means that wearable technology will rise and is here to stay. It will definitely be something to watch out for in 2022. App developers and businesses that develop apps that are wearable-device-ready will have an upper hand over their competition.

The Infusion of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Remember the MyHeritageApp that converts pictures into realistic animations? This is just the tip of the iceberg of what AI can do in the world of mobile apps. Another recent example is Google using AI to suggest routes that are less carbon-intensive.

The advancements in app development thanks to AI and ML have been remarkable and have set the bar high for 2022. The time is also ripe for businesses and app developers to stop thinking and start infusing AI and ML in their mobile apps.

The Role of Predictive Analytics Will Increase

Businesses have been using predictive analytics in their app development efforts for a while now. How do you think Amazon’s product recommendation engine works? The same technology helps Netflix recommend movies and series.

In 2022, the technology will bleed into other aspects of app development. For example, app developers can optimize the app development process by analyzing the data obtained from developers to uncover issues before they occur. This will drastically bring down app development time while maintaining quality and also give enough space for innovation.

The Advent of Internet of Things (IoT)

A few years ago, IoT was just another item on lists of future technologies. That future is finally here. We are now truly surrounded by smart devices connected to the internet. The most recent additions have been devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home and they have been wildly successful. Which is why other big brands like Samsung and Xiaomi are also investing heavily in their own IoT technology. With this mass adoption of IoT, there will be huge demand for IoT-enabled apps. Businesses and app developers should make sure their apps are able to work hands free, just with the voice of the users.

The Sensational Rise of On-demand Apps

Super Apps will become more popular in 2022. The success of apps like Airbnb and Uber have demonstrated their endless possibilities. Customers want applications in many different on-demand verticals including food delivery, house cleaning, transport, doctors etc. A major driver of this sudden increase in demand was COVID-19. There are still huge gaps in the market that new players can capitalize on.


There are over 6.3 Million apps on the Google Play Store and on the Apple App Store. The battle to stand out is fierce and will be so in 2022. Dive deep into the trends mentioned in this article and see how well you can incorporate them into the apps that you are building. Keeping up with the trend is the only way for your app to stay relevant not just in 2002, but in the coming years as well.

And if you haven’t started your app-building journey yet, you can join hands with Vajro. We can help you in building your dream app in just a few hours. Book a demo to know more.

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