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December 13, 2021

How Important Are Reviews And Ratings For Your mCommerce Store


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Jim wanted to buy a new pair of basketball shoes for his son. Like all modern-day customers, he also went online and searched for it. He was stunned to see the search results, there were numerous products in front of him now, and all of them seemed equally better. But Jim wanted to be really sure before making the final purchase decision. So he decided to check the reviews and ratings for some of the products he shortlisted. After going through most of the reviews, Jim selected the one that had the greatest number of positive reviews and ratings.

Take note sellers. This is the power of reviews and ratings.

Reviews and ratings have become powerful WOM (Word-Of-Mouth Marketing) tools that can shape businesses. In the digital space, where the customers cannot physically see or feel the products, they are crucial in pushing them to make the final decision. They allow you to understand what the customer thinks of your products or services, which opens up an opportunity to build a positive connection and long-lasting relationship with the customer. This post will help you understand why reviews and ratings are extremely vital for your mCommerce store.

They Boost Sales

The most important aspect of reviews and ratings is that they can drive your sales. For customers, they are a piece of unbiased information about your product or service, which is far more trustworthy than any of your advertisements or other marketing materials. They act as a form of social proof or social evidence. And psychologically, others' actions can influence a customer's purchase decision.

A customer just wants assurance, and reviews and ratings provide exactly that. When a product receives many positive reviews, it will attract more people. Someone who has purchased the product before has vouched for its credibility and authenticity. You need to take advantage of it and urge more customers to post product reviews on your online store. And don't forget to show it off, as each positive review is an achievement.

Look how Rent the Runway, an online dress rental company, uses product reviews in their PDP. Customers can share their experience with a photograph of them using the product. Each review showcases how the customers were delighted with the product, and as a testament, they are sharing a photograph as well. It makes a new customer's job easy when choosing the product.

They Increase Trust Factor & Customer Loyalty

Due to the low entry barrier, the number of sellers in the eCommerce and mCommerce space keeps growing with each passing day. In this highly competitive environment, reviews and ratings are a decisive factor in building trust and loyalty with the customers. In addition, they can help the customer verify the quality and reliability of the product.

They also bring reputation to your brand image. By responding to the reviews, you are interacting with the customers, and in a way showing that you value their opinions. You can even use the negative feedback positively. You are building your credibility by responding to negative comments, and you can also learn from your mistakes. Sometimes, the product might not be the factor that forced the customer to react harshly. It could be something to do with customer service or something in the delivery channel. But all that matters is how you deal with the problem, and professional response is an extremely powerful marketing weapon for your brand.

Customers also like to see negative reviews. So always make sure to keep a mixture of positive and negative reviews. Look at the below snap from the online store of Helix Mattresses. New customers can use the filter option to see the bad experiences of past customers so that they can be sure about their choice.

They Improve Search Rankings

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial element that delivers success for online businesses. Ranking high on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can swing incredible online traffic towards your store in this digital age. It is a long and time-consuming process, but reviews and ratings will make your job easier for you.

Customers often use certain keywords like the product name and features in their reviews. It improves the relevance of your page, and search engines will see it positively, which will result in a lot of organic traffic. Reviews are also an important factor when it comes to local search. The more reviews you acquire, the easier it is for someone looking to find your shopping listing.

They Enhance Engagement

Reviews and ratings are excellent tools to improve customer engagement. They lead to the development of active communities, and customers can share their experiences with others. They will come back to see if someone has commented on their review or if the brand has responded. This social engagement will help you form a bond with your customers. It can also generate a social media buzz, further amplifying your brand exposure.

Other Benefits

In an age when everyone wants to be heard, reviews and ratings empower people to voice their opinion. There is an opportunity for sellers here, and you can turn reviews and ratings in your favor. But many are still skeptical about integrating these features into their online store. It might be due to the severe backlash they might receive following one negative review, or they might want to play it safe. Nonetheless, you must be willing to take the leap of faith; otherwise, you might lose a big chunk of market share to your competitors. So add reviews and ratings and start engaging with your customer. You will start witnessing increased sales, SERP rankings and build long-lasting relations with your customers.

How Vajro Can Help?

We would also like to be part of your digital journey and help you achieve success. With our instant mobile app factory, we will deliver your dream mobile app within less than an hour. And the best part, you can effortlessly add and manage reviews and ratings thanks to our plug-and-play integrations with platforms like and Loox. Want to know more? Click here.

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