customer engagement
customer engagement
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February 5, 2018

How to convert customers when they land on sold out products?


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When the product your customer is looking for is out of stock, it means that you are losing a repeat customer and offering a bad customer experience. Customer is king! There are several reasons for a product to be out of stock. Be it poorly planned logistics, seasonality or the nature of the product; design a proactive contingency plan. When a product is out of stock, it affects the overall customer experience. Customer experience is the next competitive battleground. It’s where business is going to be won or lost. Luckily, with a few tweaks, a sold-out item doesn’t have to mean a lost customer. Check out the following alternative measures!

Email Subscriptions

Prepare for Mayday! Set up an email notification page if a product is sold out. When people land on the sold-out page, they don’t just leave. There’s something for them to do, and you’ll build an email list of people who did, at one point, want to buy that exact product. It’s a way for you to both capture that sale, but also add that person to your mailing list for future promotions.

Landing Pages

Setting up a Landing page is an effective technique to convey the message to your customers. You can set up a dedicated page with some recommended products, that also serves as a landing page with a message about why that particular item isn’t in stock, and include a convincing message. Keep a personal touch in all the written parts of your landing page. Converting should be your visitor’s idea, not yours. They should be sold by the value they’re receiving. This will indulge the customer to your site.


Set up your store to allow customers to pre-order items that are out of stock. This might even create a positive experience to your customers where they can pre-order the sold-out products. You can set up a pre-order button with a date, so it sets the expectation for the customer. If this pre-order option kindles your interest but you’re unsure about how to proceed, you can connect with an eCommerce expert from Vajro.

Be transparent with your customers. If a product is sold-out, your product page is an opportunity to turn what could be a bad experience into a great one. You can do that by being really clear with your customers about what the next steps are, and providing one for them, whether it’s signing up for email notifications, recommending other products and explaining why it’s out of stock, or allowing your customers to pre-order the item. Deliver a personalized experience to win over your customers.

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