Shopify e-commerce
Shopify e-commerce
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July 20, 2021

How to Pick a Mobile App Builder for your Shopify Store


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So, you’ve finally decided to build a mobile app for your online business. Perfect! Although, there are things you need to look out for in a brand and weigh everything into your decision.  There are quite a few factors you need to consider when you pick a mobile app builder for your Shopify store!

Your mobile app is more than just a sales medium. It’s an experience that you’re giving your customers so that they would want to keep coming back and shop from you. Play your cards right, and it’d be the most valuable addition to your revenue channel and engagement strategy.

There are a few criteria that you should consider when making a decision about picking a mobile app builder for your online store.

Native iOS and Android Support

By definition, native apps are developed for a particular platform (in this case, a mobile phone) so that it can take full advantage of the phone’s features and softwares, such as mic, camera, etc. Native app support is super important to get best app performance. Besides, if you’re going with a developer, it’d help them gain access to the full feature set of a device.

Powerful Features

This is where the valuable engagement strategy comes in. Mobile apps offer numerous features to get in touch with your audience, provide an absolutely seamless shopping experience for your customers that’ll make them want to shop with you more frequently! Features like Push notifications, Smart image search, AI Personal shopper, and so much more, will serve your purpose the best possible way!

Let’s look at some of the most essential features you need to look for:

1. Rich Media Notifications

You’ve known of Push notifications, but what’s a rich media notification, you ask? Rich media notifications enable you to use pictures, gifs and even videos as a part of your real-time notifications. Did you know that your direct open rates could increase by up to 56% with rich media notifications? That number comes from a study on mobile engagement conducted by Airship!

2. Automated Notifications

Automated notifications are basically notifications that get triggered automatically when an action happens. For example, when a cart is abandoned by a customer, or when a new user downloads your app and signs up, and so on. The automation helps take a lotta load off you and focus on other important activities like marketing and what not. Automated notifications, when done correctly, will also help you maximize your conversion rate and sales.

3. Live Video Selling

Nothing drives impulse purchases better than live video selling. You get to go live on your mobile app or your social media pages, and sell your products to the viewers. A survey by Wyzowl suggests that 86% of people stated that they would like to see more video content from brands.Video content, according to Hubspot, has overtaken blogs and infographics as the most preferred and consumed form of media.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics help you get a deeper look at your customers’ behavior on your app. Be it how they respond to notifications, products, pricing, features, live videos, and so on and so forth. These numbers will help you optimize your app for better engagement, retention, and in turn, better conversion rates.

Integration  Support

There are some incredible plugins on Shopify that you could use to enhance your mobile app. But the usability depends largely on whether your mobile app builder supports the plugins that you’re looking for or not. This applies to the plugins that you already have on your Shopify web store as well! So take a look at what they offer in terms of plugins and integrations, so that you wouldn’t have to compromise on the experience you offer!

Mobile apps come in various shapes, sizes and forms, and most mobile app builders give you all the tools you need in order to get the best out of the business. It’s important for you to evaluate what a mobile app builder brings to the table in terms of features, plugins etc, to be able to get the perfect app that you envisioned!

Customer Support

Building a mobile app might seem like a difficult task, but with good customer support, it can be an absolute breeze. Even afterwards, you should be able to reach out to them in case you run into any hiccups. A good customer support policy is a clear indication that the developers you’re going with actually care about their customers.

Choose the #1 mobile app builder on Shopify

Vajro supports native iOS and android apps and is packed with powerful features like rich media notifications, live video selling, smart search options, and so much more.

The app’s analytics will give you detailed reports that will help you make informed marketing decisions, and it plays well with 55 different apps in the Shopify ecosystem. The customer support works round the clock to assist you with your queries and help you set up your app!

If you’re looking to build a mobile app for your store, look no further! Start your free, 30-day trial today.

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