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Live Selling
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July 5, 2021

How to Present your Products on a Live Sale

Venkata Subramanian

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Make a fantastic product. Check.

Identify your target audience. Check.

Find an equally brilliant channel to sell. Check.

Use best practices to sell. Wait! What?

This is the story of 9 out of 10 sellers on the internet. They do all the homework right but forget to bring their workbook to the class - a real anti-climax.

Live selling has a very similar tale to share. Ever since it became a potent tool to reach customers, sellers have been thronging various live streaming portals to sell their products. But many of them end up without selling a single piece of product. The reason - poor presentation of the products. The viewers want to experience your products as close to reality as possible, and when that doesn’t happen, they will walk out of your session.

To help you prevent this, we’ve compiled a list of best practices that we recommend to all our customers using our Live Video feature. Here are they -

1. Have a Well-Lit Area

Although this goes without saying, having a well-lit area to showcase your products in a live sale is a necessity more than a luxury. This helps the viewers to see the product in its original color without any unwanted shadows. If possible, install separate lights apart from the existing ones to help viewers identify intricate patterns and designs(if you have them) in your products better. Here is a small handbag store that has gone live. They have beautifully set up separate lighting to focus on the handbags.

2. Use a Mannequin to Present Clothes

If you’re selling clothes or accessories, it helps to have a mannequin to put the products on. Viewers want to see how such products look on a human body(or something close enough like a mannequin) to understand the product better.

For example, if you are selling clothes, viewers might find a mannequin useful to gauge the fit. Similarly, if you are selling accessories and accessorize the mannequins with multiple items, your viewers can pick matching pieces.

Miss Hann’s store usually uses mannequins to fill out the apparel and help those who want to see the clothes in their actual proportions.

3. Wear Your Products

A mannequin is an excellent idea to present clothes, but if you’ve got the right physique, you can also wear the clothes yourself to give a more natural feel to the viewers. If you don’t have the right build, get your colleagues to wear them on your behalf. In fact, having more people in will make the live selling experience more exciting and conversational.

Here is a live sale from Addition where the organizer has taken the help of a colleague to try out different clothes.

4. Use a Ring Light

This is a must-have if you’re presenting beauty products or eyeglasses. The main purpose of the ring light is to cast a uniform light onto the face of the presenter. It reduces shadows and blemishes on the face. The viewers can also understand how the product exactly looks when applied to the face. Ring lights are also helpful if you have a room with average lighting conditions.

Here is the presenter from One And Only boutique sitting in front of a ring light presenting different beauty items. The result - you can clearly see the changes in her face when a product is applied.

5. Explain Your Product Properly

This might be a given, but often, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the moment and continue showcasing your products without getting into too much detail. Let your viewers know what your product is in-depth. Talk about its model, material, uses, etc. In fact, go ahead and teach them how to use it properly if it requires some level of expertise.

You can also give them some scenarios where the product will be useful. This will help them understand whether they have a need for this product or not. Here is a crisp monologue from a live sale organizer clearly pointing out the scenario when the blender she is selling would be useful -

“Unlike other blenders, our BlendAll has a 1000W motor that can turn anything into a paste. If you’ve got big items to blend and standard blenders aren’t powerful enough, then this is the one for you.”

6. Do not edit your videos

Platforms like Instagram lets you apply filters on your live video. Most of us might find this super-cool. But when it comes to live selling, filters or any form of editing it is a strict no. You definitely do not want to face viewers who received a product that looked nothing like what they saw in the live stream.

A clean unedited video helps your viewers trust your products and emphasizes an important fact - what we’re showing is what you’ll be getting.

Here, you can see the brand Dany’s Garden presenting their plants in an unedited and uncut video. This enabled them to show their viewers how their plants really look in their natural state and not under studio conditions.

7. Show an Experiment in Real-Time

If you’re trying to prove that your product can do something your competitors can’t, one of the best ways to do it is to perform an experiment in real-time. There are two significant benefits to this.

First, real-time experiments always pique the curiosity of the viewers. This encourages more viewers to attend your stream just to see the experiment. In other words, it would help you get them to put one foot in the door.

The second benefit is that you’re successfully proving your claim of what your product can do. People know that a real-time experiment can’t be faked, especially in a live stream video. This adds to the trust factor, which, in turn, encourages them to purchase your products.

8. Teach Your Viewers How To Do Something

Although a live sale is all about encouraging people to buy during the stream, it’s not the end of the world if they don’t. If you provide enough value, their interest in your brand will automatically rise.

For example, If you’re selling holiday products, in addition to selling, teach your viewers how to decorate their homes with these products. This kind of knowledge sharing builds loyalty with your viewers, who will keep coming back for more stuff to learn. They will like the fact that you’re not just promoting products but also here to provide value to them.

Here, you can see Martha Stewart during a live stream helping with home decoration ideas for Christmas. Although the stream is clearly meant to help Home Depot sell more products, that doesn’t become the only focus of the video. Martha Stewart’s reputation as a home improvement guru helped Home Depot bring in more viewers and subsequently more buyers to the store.

Building a mobile-first ecosystem around your live selling

For many eCommerce operators, live selling is fast becoming one of the best ways to move products into customer’s hands without spending too much on advertising and marketing. But live selling is just one part of the puzzle. Customers need a way to seamlessly place the order directly from the live stream - that’s the bigger challenge. This is where Vajro can help.

We are an instant no-code app builder, and we help brands build rich mobile-first experiences for their customers. Our live video feature enables you to organize a live sale straight from your app. Even better - your customers can place the order directly from the live stream without the need to shift between applications. In short, a world-class customer experience is guaranteed to your customers!

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