Holiday Season
Holiday Season
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November 20, 2021

How to Run a Push Notification Campaign like a Pro during BFCM


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Your smartphone vibrates and lights up, and you can see a tiny little notification from a random app you have installed sometime back.

“50% off & Free Shipping for selected products, limited time offer”

Probably this is the first time that you have noticed this app after installing it.

But didn’t this tiny piece of message catch your attention, at least for a second?

That is the magic of push notifications.

The 2021 holiday season is sure to be like no other. With online shopping gaining immense traction after the pandemic,  this year’s BFCM shopping festival is the perfect opportunity for sellers to capture a significant chunk of the market share.

But the time-sensitive nature of the BFCM sale weekend can be pretty challenging as well. Before you realize it, the madness would have died down, and you would have already lost your chance to communicate your offers and discounts to the customers. So how do you cope with it?

One of the most straightforward and efficient solutions to this problem is by using push notifications. Push notifications are short and crisp messages sent out by a mobile app targeting its users wherever they are. The customers can click these pop-up messages to complete a particular action.

Simply put, push notifications are a fast communication channel that helps you reach out to your customers and keep them posted about your promotional campaigns. In a dynamic sales period like BFCM, push notifications can become the real gamechanger.

Let’s now look at some of the push notification strategies you can use for this year’s BFCM sale.

Build Expectation Prior To The Sale

By informing your subscribers about upcoming BFCM deals and offers, you can create hype and excitement in the days building up to the sales festival. It will let your customers know what they can look forward to and even add items to their wishlist. This way, they will be able to know what to get during the sale without getting distracted.

In this period, you can also target your existing loyal customers and use them as a secondary marketing channel. If they see a really good offer during the BFCM, the chances are that they will share it with their friends and loved ones. This kind of new-age Word-Of-Mouth marketing can help you achieve immense organic traffic during BFCM, which could set you apart from the others.

Given below are some of the push notification templates that you can use to create hype for your sale:


Get 30% off for your first three purchases & enjoy free shipping for selected regions.

Don’t miss out on the biggest shopping festival, add a reminder, and save more!!


Wishlist them now and get an extra 10% off with our BFCM discount.

Send Reminders During the BFCM Sale

Once your pre-BFCM push notifications campaigns are completed, you should focus on scheduling campaigns that will start as soon as the sale is live.

Note: When you build your apps using Vajro, you can not only create push notifications in seconds but also schedule them effortlessly. Here’s how to schedule push notifications in Vajro if you are an existing customer.

In a highly competitive sales period like BFCM, you need to stand out and catch the customers’ attention as much as possible. You can use push notifications to remind your customers that a sale is live or inform them about new products added to the product catalog. Look at the snap below to understand how to announce a sale using push notifications.

Push notification campaign
Push notification campaign

As you move forward during the sale, it is your chance to ramp up your organic traffic by announcing mid-sale reminders. In this phase, you should highlight specific collections and communicate with your customers that they have very little time to complete their purchases. The below snap is from the online boutique Joyfolie. Look how its mid-sale push notification reminds the customers that only a limited quantity is available, and the offer ends in 12 hours.

Push notification campaign 2
Push notification campaign 2

Further down the line during the sale, you can also use push notifications as a last chance reminder. You should remind your customers that the sale is going to end soon, and if they are still pondering about the offer, they are going to lose out on it. Look how the below push notification is reminding the customers that time is running out. It will create a sense of urgency, and your customers will have to make up their minds fast.

Push notification campaign 3
Push notification campaign 3

Retarget Abandoned Carts

Increasing cart abandonment rate is a persistent problem for sellers at any time of the year. During BFCM, it spikes up drastically as numerous offers are floating around along with customers who are always on the lookout for better deals all the time.

To minimize the problem of cart abandonment, you can use a targeted push notifications campaign built around it. Use personalized messages and urge your customers to complete the purchase instead of moving towards your competitors. It is easy to set up and automate, and it is a major driver of sales.

Keep these points in mind while creating cart abandonment push notifications:

  • Add your BFCM discount in the message
  • Highlight the product name
  • Rely on urgency tactics and remind customers that the sale ends soon
  • Use short time intervals between each reminder
Push notification campaign 4
Push notification campaign 4

Offer an Extended Sale Period Post BFCM

Run post BFCM sales and let your customers know that you care for them. The holiday season is all about the fun and joy of celebrations, and in the midst of it, your customers might miss out on the sale weekend. They might not be aware of the sale, or they just forgot about it. But, for sellers, every customer is precious. Use push notifications to communicate the offers and let them know how long they have before the sale ends.

Make sure to segment your customers beforehand and exclude those customers who could purchase during the BFCM sale. Retargeting them again might create a negative impact on the customer’s mind.


Using push notifications strategically is the easiest and effective way to remind your users about your brand. It can help your business grow immensely and reduce your churn this holiday season. Follow the above push notifications strategies, connect with your customers in real-time, alert them of your best deals, use personalized campaigns to re-engage loyal customers, retarget abandoned carts, and amplify your sales.

And finally, always remember two things, start early and make sure to avoid spamming users.

Leverage the full potential of push notifications with Vajro. Grow your business with your own mobile app. With integrated push notification features, vibrant templates and themes, and the ability to schedule them, Vajro’s mobile app will help you stay far ahead of the chasing pack this holiday season. Click here to book a demo with us.

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