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April 15, 2019

How to Start Online Businesses for Art and Vintage Clothes


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In today’s digital world, many types of businesses operate online – from retail to fashion, art to beauty, the list is endless. Online commerce including e-commerce and m-commerce has opened a world of possibilities for small business owners and entrepreneurs, including a vast range of alternative businesses such as terrariums, astrologers, bath products, and even fitness training.  So, if you have a passion that is off the beaten track and would like to make a successful business out of it, an online business can make that dream come true.

In this blog, let’s take a look at two types of unique and popular online businesses, and how to go about setting them up.

  1. Selling Art Online

  • Create Your Collection – For art to be a sustainable livelihood, artists need to be constantly creating. Converting it into a full-time online business takes time and effort. Before starting, you need to decide if you are going to sell your own work or those of others. If the product is an original, you can sell them right away. In case it’s a reproduction, you need to check for re-selling rights. You must also consider the format of the end product – originals, prints, open or limited edition and so on.
  • Create a Web Page – On your page use a suitable background theme that highlights your art pieces. You need to photograph the art work with the correct light setup and background. Professionals can handle this better as they have a better understanding of the lighting. In the art business, the format of the end product deserves equal attention. Whether its an original or a re-print, you need to find a printing or scanning partner who offers good paper quality and framing options. Remember to copyright the originals before you post it online.
  • Marketing – A tie-up with an art gallery gives more exposure, because activities such as promoting the event or shipping the art pieces to the buyer will be taken care of. Sign up for online gallery shows and offline events to gain visibility in the art circuit. You can even host your own art shows during festival or holiday seasons. Invite the public to come view your work on a particular day of the month or week, at a specified time. Or, you can partner with other artists and participate in pop-up shows, as well. Highlight all these activities on your web page on a regular basis.
  • Social Media Presence – Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are some ways to engage your audience. Give them interesting pieces of information about each art, to garner curiosity. Offer special discounts and giveaways for loyal followers on social media.

  2. Selling Vintage Clothes Online

  • Create Your Collection – This business relies a lot on the personal style and fashion statements of buyers. When you have a passion for vintage clothing you can turn that into a successful online business. You can create your own collection or focus on clothes from a specific period or style.
  • Sourcing and Storage – Conduct research on the number of online shops selling the same collections, and in what way you can stand out from the crowd. Check if there are corporate suppliers, thrift shops, auctions, or wholesalers selling any popular vintage clothes. Ensure you inspect items before purchasing for stains, or wear and tear.
  • Protect Your Stock – Get help to sort and store vintage clothes with adequate protection from heat and humidity. Use separate bins for accessories and clothing, and take necessary pest control steps to protect the fabric.
  • Photography – Photography is the key to gaining success in selling vintage collections. Have a permanent setup to avoid delays, and shoot pictures with a consistent background for your web pages. Use a model or mannequin, it helps project the beauty of the vintage collections better.
  • Pricing and Marketing – Prices for vintage clothes need to be fixed based on the period it was prevalent, rarity, and richness. Check competitor pricing, eBay prices, and the feedback given by customers before fixing the price.
  • Web and Social Media Presence – Social media is ideal for promoting vintage clothing. Instagram is one of the most used social media sites for marketing them. It helps project your products instantly to loyal customers. Follow the fashion trends of each season and those of celebrities, in particular. Vintage clothes with a modern twist are preferred by fashionistas compared to typical period clothes.

Customers love to shop on their mobile phones. Mobile retail commerce sales contribute to 44.7% of retail eCommerce sales, according to Customers want to shop on-the-go, and any business that wants to expand its reach and delight customers can enjoy greater success with a mobile app for their online store. If you are exploring options to set up your own mobile app store, Vajro can help bridge the gap in a jiffy. Drop us a line and we’ll figure out what works best for you.

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