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February 21, 2022

In-app copywriting: Tips & Tricks


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“Imagine there's no countries

"It isn't hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for

And no religion, too

Imagine all the people

Livin' life in peace”

When John Lennon asked us to imagine a world with no countries, religion, or war, we were really intrigued. From just the lyrics of his song, we were able to envision that utopian world and understand how beautiful it is. He was using an imaginative copy style to influence all those who listened to his song.

Modern-day advertisers and app marketers are taking a leaf out of Lennon’s book to influence their consumers. In a highly dynamic digital environment, where the onus is placed on customer experience, app marketing and copywriting go hand in hand. A great in-app copy is instrumental for the success of your business as it can influence your customers by giving out information and evoking emotions while keeping them engaged.

Like the imaginative approach, there are other styles of copywriting that will help you create the perfect experience for your customers while using your app. So, here are some basic tips for writing great in-app copies so that they will help you achieve positive results while marketing your app.

1. Know thy audience

Copywriting is both an art and a science. John Lennon was sticking to the artistic side when he was creating his song. But if you are an app marketer, it is not just enough to be artistic; you also need to consider its science. Your ultimate goal is to make users engage with your app, and for that, first and foremost, you must know your target audience.

Ask yourself some basic questions before starting to write your in-app copies.

  • What age and gender do your target users belong to?
  • What other apps do they use?
  • How much technical knowledge will these users have?
  • What are they looking for by using your app?
  • How do they want information delivered to them?
  • What are their pain points?

These questions will give you a clear idea of the tone or style you need to follow for your copy. The way a 16-year-old uses your app will differ from a 60-year-old, and your in-app copy needs to resonate with your target audience. If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you will not connect with your users; therefore, it is necessary to know your audience before creating your in-app copy. So, conduct enough market research before the content creation process as it will save you a lot of time and resources.

2. Make it easy for them

Once you have identified your users, the next step is to get them to engage with the app consistently. Numerous studies have indicated that users abandon an app after just one use, and one of the main reasons behind it is the ambiguity of the in-app copies. Therefore, it is vital that you get it right the first time and connect with them.

A lot of factors lead to this ambiguity, like – lengthy copies, use of jargon, and much more. And one of the easiest ways to avoid it is by following a user-friendly approach while creating your in-app copy. Use simple sentences, get straight to the point and deliver the message instantly, and refrain from using technical jargon. After all, you want users to understand how you can help them.

3. Keep it important

When it comes to app marketing, it is quite natural to get carried away and overload your users with a lot of information. However, you must remember that most apps are built for smartphone screens, making long copies a big turn-off for customers. Also, you must keep in mind that there is a high chance of users getting distracted while engaging with your app. So, keep your copy crisp, short, and punchy, and above all, avoid using long paragraphs so that you will be able to catch their attention easily and instantly.

Once you have written the copy, you must read through them carefully and remove any non-essentials texts. This exercise must be repeated a few times, and with each iteration, you will find more and more non-essential info cropping up in your text. By doing this, you ensure that your customers can find what they are looking for with minimal hassle and effort.

4. Proofread and evaluate your copy

Proofreading is one of the most important steps in creating great in-app copies. No matter how good a writer you are, you should always ensure that your copy is free from any grammatical errors and typos. These typos and grammatical errors make apps look unprofessional and might even hamper your reputation, causing users to lose confidence in your business.

There are numerous proofreading tools out there like Grammarly or Hemmingway editor, which allow you to create high-quality content free from any form of errors. You can also ask your colleagues to look at the content before you publish it online, as a fresh pair of eyes will be able to pick up on any errors you might have missed.

Like proofreading, evaluating your content is also essential in creating great in-app copies. While writing about a particular topic or feature of your app, there are high chances that you might deviate from it slightly. So, after writing, always evaluate what you have done so far and whether you are showcasing the value proposition perfectly as intended.


You don’t have to possess impeccable writing skills when it comes to creating in-app copies. All you have to do is become a bit more driven and treat copywriting as a part of your business. In-app copies include everything from the home page to PDPs and landing pages. And, to make them unique and reflect your brand persona, make sure that you don’t forget the basic rules – check for typos and grammatical errors, eliminate technical jargon, keep your text essential, know your target audience, and keep updating the content consistently.

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