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August 7, 2019

Leverage Social Proof to Build E-commerce Business


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Online reviews and recommendations have direct control over the buying habits of today’s consumers. This psychological phenomenon of trusting and purchasing what other people recommend and use is known as social proof. Social media and fast searches have made it convenient to check for other’s opinions before making a purchasing decision.

Since social proofs are highly effective it can be utilized to create awareness for your e-commerce brand. The following areas are where you’ll see social proof used most often for e-commerce.


Testimonials are all about trust and authority. Another user’s feedback on his/her product or experience rates as the topmost powerful content to have on a website. This means, asking customers to share their own experiences and stories about the product or service, which can make a strong impact on a buyer’s mind.

Product Ratings

Likes, star ratings, and summaries are some of the ways people show support to a brand online. It gives buyers an idea about what other people think about the product or service. Research studies say that these ratings and reviews can yield 25% more click-throughs for an e-commerce company.

Social Posts

When you associate your brand with social media influencers, their online popularity and recommendations ensure your product or service receives visibility with the right audience. Positive online product reviews aids in faster conversion of prospects into customers.


A majority of the people find photos, audios, and videos helpful when it comes to explaining how to use a product or service. Videos create the in-person experience for consumers, making it easy for them to make the purchase decision. Today, many e-commerce websites use audio and video as social proofs to convey the value they offer to customers.


Celebrity endorsements get immediate visibility in social media. The product becomes associated with the popularity and good qualities of the celebrity. This results in higher market reach and improvement in the perceived value of a product or service.

Social proof can be put up on product pages, email promotions, social media posts, blog posts, etc. A combination of high-quality photos and videos of the product, customer testimonials, link to a case study, and endorsements can create the desired effect on the prospective buyer. Social proof helps in reducing cart abandonment, increasing subscriptions, and improving brand image. Some good examples of social proof leveraged for e-commerce business include leading websites such as Groupon and Implementing social proof for your e-commerce business will improve your reputation as a trusted seller of a particular product or service.

Wrapping Up

With an ever-increasing number of smartphone users, m-commerce can largely help improve the online reputation of your e-commerce business. Having a mobile app helps stay close to customers and share social proof instantly with them. Vajro can help set up a mobile app for your e-commerce business instantly. Trusted by 100s of global stores, Vajro’s mobile apps help express your brand’s soul and business’ aim. If you are interested in setting up a mobile app for your e-commerce business, get in touch with us.

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