E-commerce marketing
E-commerce marketing
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June 26, 2023

Leveraging M-commerce & Automation for Seamless Omnichannel Marketing

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The secret to building a totally seamless omnichannel marketing strategy is out!

The word “Omnichannel” is the buzz, no matter which industry you glance at. Being omnichannel is the perfect attribute to have especially for a domain like marketing. But in the current scenario, you have a big hindrance in the form of more stringent privacy and third-party cookie policies. So how does one remedy this situation? Let’s bring in the experts and see what they have to say. 

Introducing the marketing experts who will speak about leveraging m-commerce and automation for a seamless omnichannel marketing strategy 

Elizabeth Presher swears by the impact of marketing automation in streamlining your overall marketing strategy. As a former boutique owner, she understood how important personalized communication was for her to boost not only average order value but customer lifetime value on the whole. The impact of automation can be seen in the following forms: 

  • 20% increase in sales thanks to personalized experiences.
  • 80% of customers were more likely to purchase through a personalized experience
  • Behavior-based segmentation greatly increases the open rate, CTR, and purchase rate 

She stresses that it can indeed get tricky to deliver that personalized experience when the world of e-commerce is concerned where physical presence isn’t there and you only how so much control over who sees your message. She mentions that it is crucial to find the right tools to deliver the appropriate message and channel to the right audience like incorporating a mobile application to make their shopping experience a breeze. 

Anastasia Emberger goes on to split marketing automation into 3 components of a pyramid. 

  1. Value offering + Customer Data: Context and background for what types of trends and preferences your customers are responding to.
  2. Channels + Integrations: What technologies or platforms you will use to have two-way communication with the customer? Integrations will add a sub-layer of communication between the various channels and improve overall functionality.
  3. Personalization: Similar to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, this is the top of the pyramid. After assimilating the right data, choosing the right channels, and ensuring efficient cross-communication, you can achieve the desired goal which is to have effective personalization with your customers. 

The omnichannel marketing pyramid as explained by our expert Anastasia Emberger 

“When we say omnichannel, we basically mean we are showing up for the customer no matter whatever channel they essentially want” 

We have now reached a more evolved stage of the customer lifecycle that is more developed than the traditional Awareness – Engagement – Conversion model. Our new model can be described a little more intricately:

  1. Attract: Getting the right audience to see by utilizing elements like custom landing pages and subscriber-only perks. By tweaking and fine-tuning the attributes of both, you can effectively attract the kind of audience you wish to sell your products to.
  2. Engage - Convert: Map out your customer journeys for various paths that they could take such as a “Welcome journey” or an “Abandon Cart” journey. By mapping out their steps, they can be targeted with exclusive content relevant to where they are in the journey. This can give you a lot of leverage to trigger a specific action out of them.
  3. Retention - Loyalty - Nurture - Growth: This stage forms the newest segment of prolonged focus and effort due to the changing market trends. Getting just a single sale out of your customers is no longer enough. It is very crucial to keep them coming back for more. A few ways this can be accomplished is through loyalty and recommendation programs. It is also very crucial to stay up to date with what the customers have to say about you and your offerings through timely surveys and feedback forms. 

Click here to watch the entire 1-hour long session where both our experts spoke their hearts out about this topic and revealed some very nifty tricks that you would certainly want to keep in mind.

And if you are looking for a powerful and efficient sales channel to augment your omnichannel marketing efforts, feel free to give us a nudge at support@vajro.com.

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