Live Selling
Live Selling
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January 3, 2023

Live Selling 101: How To Make Sure Your Live Sale Converts

Swetha Saravanan

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I happened to speak to one of our engineers who has analyzed the usage statistics of hundreds of sellers. While having a casual discussion with him, he told me about some least explored features on Vajro that could serve as an additional scope for more revenue.

He continued to explain a fantastic feature that just a few users have explored and perfected.

If you are a Vajro user, you would have noticed the feature Blynk on your Vajro dashboard.

Before we get started on diving deeper into how to leverage this feature to start selling like crazy, let’s start with what Blynk basically lets you do.

With Blynk, you can

  • Sell on a live stream on your mobile app and Facebook page/group simultaneously.
  • Allow users to replay your past streams, maximizing your passive revenue.
  • Allow users to reserve and waitlist products.
  • Sell products on Facebook as posts where your audience can simply comment and make a purchase with Product Drops.
  • Set up and draft live sales ahead of time to ensure seamless operations.

If you’re new to live selling, here’s a little bit of context:
Although live selling has been there for ages, its usage has skyrocketed since the pandemic. This is because buyers really craved the personal, engaging, in-store-like experience that could give them the same or an even better experience. All they had to do was watch the seller describe the product live, and simply comment under it to buy. It was infotainment for the buyers and a community-building, revenue-generation medium for the sellers. Sellers were not only engaging with their massive audience in a better way but also driving impulse purchases in real-time.

Blynk also comes with the Product Drops feature, a passive way to sell products on Facebook. Product Drops are similar to wall drops where products are listed as posts, and shoppers will simply have to comment under the post. The comment will trigger an automated message to their inbox with the checkout link. Simple, right? Super efficient too!

If you've never tried Blynk or if you want to make sure you're making the most out of this money-making feature, you might want to keep reading.

My colleague went on to explain how only a few people have recognized the power of this feature, experimented, and even increased their sales exponentially to an extent that they make about 80% of their overall revenue through this feature.

We then analyzed the user statistics even further to understand what makes live selling click for some users. What are they doing right or differently that makes them nail live selling?

1. Going live frequently

We recommend every day or every other day. Sellers who went live often made the most sales. The logic must be obvious here. The more you engage with your customers and the more time they spend learning about your products, the greater the chances of them making purchases.

2. Maintaining consistency

Frequently going live is great, but consistency can have a very good impact on the viewer count.
For your first few live sales do some research on when you’d have the most number of your target segment as viewers and experiment with different timings. When you’ve figured out the trend, stick to the same time. The more consistent you are, the better people will remember you and the schedule, and the more chances that they’ll not miss a live sale session.

3. Having the products ready to go

This one is very important!

We’ve seen a lot of sellers forgetting to add the products to the live sale from the Shopify database during the setup or when they decide to talk about the product out of the blue during the session.

While letting the users know about the product instantly can send the information across in the minds of users, you might miss out on possible impulse purchases.

So remember. Add the products to the live session, so users can buy instantly through the live sale and not have to search for the product and probably end up leaving if they don’t find it within a few clicks.

4. Notifying your audience

Letting people know when you go live will play a huge role in your engagement and viewership. Vajro offers a simple toggle button to enable push notifications right when you set up your live sale to announce to your audience when you go live.

5. Promoting your live sale

Yes, the live sale is to promote your products but to get more viewers, you will need to promote your live sale itself. Social media is one way to promote live selling sessions prior to it. Promoting it across your communities and networks is another good way to get the word out about your live sale. To make the promotion/invitation more appealing, you can also let them know that you’ll be giving away special discounts during the live sale!

6. Duration of the sessions

A good duration for a single live sale session is 1 hour. Oh, this isn’t my blind guess. This is based on the data we analyzed. The same logic that we earlier spoke in the part about going live frequently should apply here too. More the screen time, the better the conversion. Plus, this is how you don’t miss out on people like me who join late.

7. The right number of products per session

Yet another stats-based piece of advice here: the optimal number of products that you could add per live sale session is 10 (obviously plus or minus a few more). Let us know if a different number works for you better.

Wrapping Up

There you go! You’re now ready to start selling live without having to worry too much about the lack of past experience in it, because of these basic lessons from hundreds of sellers!

If you’ve implemented all these and you’d like to do more with Blynk, talk to us and we’ll figure it out together!

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