Mobile Commerce
Mobile Commerce
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August 30, 2019

M-commerce – The Greatest Boon for E-commerce Businesses


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A Business Insider report states, “45% of e-commerce revenue will come from m-commerce, by the end of 2020.”

Mobile commerce (m-commerce), an off-shoot of the e-commerce boom, has drastically improved the prospects of millions of e-commerce businesses through smartphone-enabled purchases. It has a tremendous influence on buyers and is used by marketers to create awareness of their product or service, and popularize the brand image. Being a pocket-friendly option, it helps improve the overall shopping experience of the consumers.

Today, mobile apps form an integral part of a business in the e-commerce sector. Many users prefer mobile apps to browse for products since it takes less time to search, and the time taken to reach the final check out is relatively less than web pages. Retailers also set up a separate mobile web page that helps them understand user’s behavior and specific needs.

Here are some important aspects of mobile apps that make them endearing to customers and sales-intensive for e-commerce businesses.

Single-click Access – M-commerce supports single-click buy and cart buttons for checkout. This feature puts the customer at ease during cart reviews and payment, as well. Options such as “save for later” encourage customers to shop at leisure, enhancing their overall shopping experience. This way, the prospective buyer can browse through the selected item even when offline, resulting in more purchases.

Notifications – Push messaging and notifications are widely used in mobile apps to send personalized messages to users. This feature is used to update buyers on new collections, or availability of products marked “buy later” or “add to wishlist”. It is also used to promote products similar to ones purchased earlier by the user.

Social Media Sharing – Leading social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have become an integral part of everyday activity for users across the globe. Mobile apps have integrated social media features that make it easy for users to share and like the product they are interested in.

Apart from increasing the user’s need to shop more, it has a positive effect on revenue generation, as well. Users in the age group of 25 to 34 contribute to the maximum share of online shoppers, which increases the contribution of mobile apps towards e-commerce businesses.

There is no doubt that m-commerce hugely supports e-commerce growth by enhancing the user experience. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbots are some of the new technology integrations that brands have provided in the mobile phone for better user experience. With more and more users expected to start using mobile phones for online shopping, the future of e-commerce is secure because of the steep rise in mobile app usage.

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