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Mobile Commerce
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September 10, 2019

Mobile Apps Vs Websites - Here's Why Your Online Store Needs A Mobile App


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The mobile audience has been steadily rising over the last 5 years, and the trend has been accelerated owing to the pandemic. According to, m-commerce sales are expected to amount to 54% of total ecommerce sales. With consumers exhibiting a shift in shopping behavior, it’s evident that the ease of buying and the availability of information influence customers’ purchasing decisions to a significant degree.

Today, mobile shopping has become convenient through the use of dedicated apps. A research conducted by Criteo shows that mobile apps have 3x higher conversion rates compared to a mobile website!

Let’s understand why customers prefer using mobile apps over mobile and desktop websites.

A Better Way to Engage

Mobile apps are super efficient when it comes to communicating and engaging with customers. With the help of rich media push notifications and in-app messages, businesses can stay in touch with their customers at all times. Push notifications boost app engagement by up to 88%, and almost 65% users return to the app within 30 days when notifications are enabled which helps increase conversion rates by at least 3-10x!

Improved Brand Image and Visibility

Mobile apps represent and reflect your brand image, and enhance your presence in the market, as they’re customized to according to your company’s branding. Even when not in use, your app acts as a constant reminder of your business. In short, your mobile app becomes your brand ambassador.

Distinguished Shopping Experience

Nowadays, the shopping experience you offer trumps over your products and services. Mobile apps offer an ultra-personalized shopping experience that helps you boost your store’s customer retention and loyalty. Besides, it’s easy to draw data on user’s buying patterns and wishlists, which will help brands send personalized recommendations and notifications.

Potential to Push Boundaries

Statistics reveal that modern users run at least 9 apps daily, on average. Since the beginning of the pandemic, mobile usage has grown significantly due to social distancing. People have realized the ease of usage with mobile apps, and have been accustomed to shopping at their fingertips. Online stores now report that a significant amount of traffic comes from mobile devices.

In addition to being an excellent engagement medium, mobile apps also act as a profitable revenue channel. With rich media notifications and live video selling, you can optimize and improve your customer engagement and retention.


Mobile apps come with all essential features one requires to stand out in their markets, expand their audience, and maximize their revenue. With the most interactive and intuitive user experience, mobile apps very evidently score over mobile and desktop websites!

Looking to setup a mobile app for your online store? Get in touch with us right away. Let’s get things rolling!

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