Mobile Commerce
Mobile Commerce
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June 17, 2016

A Mobile App: Ahead of the Curve, Ahead of the Pack


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For people running an e-commerce business – or any kind of business, for that matter – the primary focus would be to:

  • more patrons
  • increase profits
  • widen the berth sufficiently to take on more customers

So how does an e-commerce store do this?

E-commerce stores may not necessarily have a physical presence. So customers don’t accidentally stumble upon them while walking past a street. They gain recognition by word-of-mouth, advertisements, marketing efforts, and if, by chance, someone specifically looks for products they happen to sell. While e-commerce may be all the rage with this generation of shoppers, the biggest disadvantage is that distance that separates a customer from a store, and all the benefits of that that are lost.

So how do you get closer to your customer? Through m-commerce! M-commerce – or mobile commerce – is about creating a mobile app that caters to your kind of merchandise and hosts your products. Some small-timers might believe that m-commerce makes sense only to well-established giant multi-national companies. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

M-commerce helps small and medium enterprises to:
  • reinforce their brand name
  • increase their online presence
  • make online shopping a desirable experience
  • and ensure the loyalty of the customer

Mobile devices, especially smartphones, have come to be very utilitarian, so much so that it has become a part of one’s everyday dressing-appurtenance. When your customer has your app, you are always in their vicinity, no matter what part of the globe they move to. By being closer to the customer, e-stores can better gauge their customers’ demographics and needs, and adapt their products and inventories accordingly.

In fact, m- commerce is on the brink of toppling e-commerce any time in the nearest future. With the number of smartphone users increasing, and the way the world is using smart devices in their everyday life, the next clever step for any business to do is make themselves available in a mobile-compatible mode. 57% of the customers will not use – let alone recommend – e-stores with poor mobile compatibility. Irrespective of whether the mobile app can be used for transactional purposes or just as a showcase of wares, one’s online presence, improved by mobility, is the way to stay ahead of the game!

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