Feature launch
Feature launch
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November 8, 2021

Say Hello to the New and Improved Vajro

Shiva Moorthy

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Over the last couple of months, we’ve been working on something huge. Actually several things. They have all come together and we’re super excited to reveal it.

We heard you, we went back to the drawing board, and we’ve reinvented ourselves to help you offer the best mobile app selling experience.

So, three things: We’ve revamped our entire product–new design, new features, the whole enchilada. Our live selling feature Blynk has most of the features you’ve been asking us to build–Cart Hold, Waitlist, Product Drops, and a cooler interface. We’ve also rebranded ourselves and got a new logo.

Putting YOU at the center

At Vajro, we’ve always put the user at the center. So far, we’ve made it easy for your shoppers to buy from you. Now, we wanna make things easier for YOU. The latest interface is gonna be more intuitive, modern, and easy to use.

Vajro is now not just a new look, but an absolutely seamless performance, more personalization, and new features with which you can upgrade your mobile app selling experience big time.

Brand New Themes

Each element of the dashboard has been carefully rebuilt to enhance your app building experience. We’ve now made 4 pre-built themes that cater to specific kinds of stores. All these themes are provided to enhance your app aesthetics, and are completely customizable to suit your needs and brand image.

App building made (even) simpler

We’ve stayed faithful to the simple drag-and-drop functionality when it comes to building and customizing your app! Everything you need to build your app is all in one place, and it’s all at your fingertips now.

Of course, the app building process requires no lines of code. The design editor consists of the tools you’ll need to build and customize your app to reflect your brand image.

Everything in its right place

There were so many features in our previous but most of them were seldom used. We have sorted them in appropriate categories so that you don’t have a tough time to find what you’re looking for. Every feature you need to enhance your mobile app selling experience, we have it in one place. All you need to do is click on the toggle button, and done.

Blynk is now out of beta

Blynk has been in beta for over a year now. We’re so happy to let you guys know that it’s ready now. Our team went over all your comments and feedback and turned them into the product’s features. Blynk now has a slew of new features that’s definitely going to help you increase sales and engage better with your audience.

With Blynk, you can now go live on Facebook Groups too. Also, there's:

1. Cart hold - your customers can reserve products for a specific period of time
2. Waitlist - Customers can waitlist out-of-stock items and get notifications when they're back in stock
3. Product drops - Make posts on your page and/or group and people can buy by commenting, just like a live sale.

Blynk is priced at 2% of the revenue generated from live selling. But, the first $25,000 is on us. If you’re just getting started with live selling or haven’t tried it before, this is gonna be a winning situation for you because we’ll be your safety net.

Our all new logo

Aha! Now, time for the logo reveal.

Vajro has its etymology in Indian mythology. It means the properties of both diamond and thunder: indestructible and robust, two aspects we embrace in all aspects of our company and the products we build. Our latest logo symbolizes just this.

If you're a Vajro customer, I'm sure these new features and changes are gonna make your life a whole lot easier. You can check out our help docs here.

If you're new around here and are interested in getting a mobile app, click here.

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