Holiday Season
Holiday Season
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September 30, 2021

Online Boutique Tips: Mastering the Art of Selling this Holiday Season


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Yes! Yes I do! I like Christmas! I love Christmas! – Even a cold-hearted miser who despised Christmas started loving the spirit of holidays. Dickens fan or not, not many can forget the incredible transformation of Ebenezer Scrooge, the lead protagonist of the classic novella ‘A Christmas Carol’.

Be it the spooky celebration of Halloween or the grand tradition of Thanksgiving, or even the joy and fun of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the holiday season has a charm of its own that not many can resist.  

People are cheery, in a mood to give and buy, and, more importantly, want to look good. All these mean that the holiday season is a period of opportunities for businesses, especially the ones dealing in fashion.  If you can make the right moves during this time of the year, you can reap incredible rewards from it.

You can almost say that in the marathon of fashion sales, margins, and targets, the holiday season is that final lap where you should use all your consolidated energy to get you over the line.

On the flip side, it is something that cannot be done overnight and requires proactive planning. But this pandemic has pushed a vast majority of holiday shoppers to think about online purchases, which makes this upcoming holiday season an invaluable opportunity for online boutiques.

But how do you compete with the rest? Here are some useful tips to march past your competitors and sell BIG this holiday season.  

Go deep on the discounts

Holiday shopping is all about finding the right discount offer. And customers are willing to take that extra effort to find the best offer for their favorite products. For sellers, it is a difficult predicament. There is a common notion that discounts will hinder your growth. But we like to disagree with that; during a high traffic season, it is the best strategy to attract customers.

So, go ahead and start planning for discount offers this holiday season. Get people excited and talking about your discounts so that they will come back for more and bring other customers in through referrals. The key here is to start early, understand your margins, and how much you can stretch them so that your revenue is kept intact. And don’t forget – be consistent as discounts are an easy way to build a loyal customer base.

Embrace Live Selling

Is there a more buzzing word in the commerce world than live selling right now? Businesses of all sizes have started understanding the importance of migrating away from the traditional selling strategies. And live selling has entered the fray, and it can prove to be quite the ace up your sleeve.

The key differential for live selling or live sales is that it has a human factor that gives authenticity to it. It is relatively simple and easy, and small businesses or online boutiques can benefit immensely from the authentic feel it generates among the customers. As you already know, static product descriptions or photographs don’t always tell the whole story. Host a live selling session this holiday season and witness your sales go off the chart. If you think it is a big ask for you, hire a social media influencer to do the work in front of the camera for you while you stay backstage controlling and monitoring the sale.

Vajro has an in-built live selling feature that lets you conduct your sale within the app. No more switching of applications to manage your sale and orders. To know more, click here.

Pep-up your social media engagement

Most millennial shoppers are social media savvy, and they like to spend their free time on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. For sellers, this is an opportunity to get their messages across to their customers as these platforms have immense marketing potential, and they drive positive engagement.

Every online boutique should have multiple social media handles as these are something every online customer will browse through. You can use their paid advertising features to target segments of your customer base with customized offers and promotional deals through Facebook and Instagram posts, which are cheaper and effective to an extent when compared to the traditional advertising channels.

Create urgency

The holiday season is known for doorbuster deals and discounts. Customers eagerly search for their favorite products, and they are even willing to go to the competitor’s online store and compare the deals. All this searching and comparing might result in a higher customer churn rate if the competitor offers a better deal for the product.

But you can tackle this by creating a sense of urgency. Use countdowns for discounts or limited-time deals and prompt the fear of missing out among the users. It will arrest the customer churn and, at the same time, boost sales for your online boutique.

Product bundling

Product bundling is one of the most effective ways to attract customers and boost sales. You just need to create a unique combination of complementary products and offer it a discounted price. It is a fool-proof strategy as the customers perceive that they are getting more by paying less. But if you have managed to work out your margins, you can easily bundle products together without affecting your profit. It also offers cross-selling opportunities, making it one of the most crucial strategies to try out this holiday season.

Offer a complimentary product along with a core product and create offers that your customers can’t resist. It will increase the average order value and might also result in a boosted sale for even your lesser-known products.


As we touched upon earlier, this holiday season will be different. The sheer magnitude of online customers that will flood your online boutique will be more than anything that you have witnessed before. The eCommerce landscape was evolving at a consistent pace, but the pandemic just accelerated the process.

As sellers, you must be ready to adapt to these changes. Follow our tips and start your preparations for the holiday season as soon as possible. Understand your profit margins, create attractive discounts, increase your social media engagement, and create product bundles that will catch your customers’ attention.

For additional help, use Vajro. Our instant app factory has helped hundreds of online boutiques to multiply their sales through their own native app built in few hours. Want to know more? Contact us now.

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