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Live Selling
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June 14, 2021

Practical Tips to Boost User Engagement During a Live Sale


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Imagine you’re getting ready for an interview with your dream company (FAANG maybe?). You have to look dapper to impress the panel. The tie is the only missing piece in your fashion jigsaw now. The problem is you do not know how to tie a tie!

You have two options –

Learn from a long text-only how-to guide like the below –

Or from a short video that takes you through the same steps in a more visually appealing manner.

What’s your pick?

9 out of 10 people would choose the second option. After all, humans can understand videos way faster (in 250 milliseconds!) than any other content type. Live selling uses this principle beautifully. It helps the sellers by giving a much better(and quicker) picture of the product they are selling.

However, as retailers venture into live selling, they become a part of a large social destination where buyers of all kinds shop. They have different interests, needs, and attention spans. This makes the whole process of live selling a tad challenging.

To create a successful live selling experience, sellers need to keep the entire process lively, engaging, and informative. Studies show that when the live sale experience is engaging, it increases the purchase intent of the buyer by 97%.

But how do you go about creating a live selling experience that engages your buyers? That’s what we are here to help you with today. Listed below are four helpful tips to improve your live selling engagement.

Decide on a time and date, and share it with your user base

You can’t conduct a live sale on a whim. You will have to set up a time and date prior to the event and share it across with your user base. For instance, setting it up as a Facebook Event will show it up on your user’s calendar. Doing so will also help you schedule a live stream ahead of time and even broadcast it on your channel or page during the scheduled time. This will give you a terrific leeway to engage with the audience during the sale.

Sobre La Luna is an Instagram-based brand that sells a wide array of self-care products ranging from soy wax candles to carefully picked crystals. After launching their brand through Instagram, Sobre La Luna has been consistently using all available live selling options on Instagram, such as Reels, IGTV, and Instagram Live.

Every time they conduct a live sale, they let their followers know well in advance when they can expect it to happen. This proactive measure will not only make their followers look forward to the sale but also encourage them to ask any questions beforehand on their page and kickstart the discussions about the upcoming sale. This makes the experience engaging even before the actual sale starts.

Have a consistent background for your selling experience

While it may look cool to host your live selling from a new place every time, having a consistent background will make you more memorable to your potential customers and cement your live selling session in their minds.

Paper, Rock, Scissors, an FB-focused clothing retailer, turned to Facebook Live Sale to promote and sell their products. However, every time they go live to sell their products, they showcase their products from the same background, which features their logo in a uniform setup. This sense of consistency builds trust among users and makes it easy for them to interact and engage during the live sale session.

Host a Q&A during the live session

Hosting a question-and-answer session during the live sale is a great way to build connections with buyers. By answering their questions live, you will know what’s going on in their minds. You can then assuage their fears and gently nudge them to purchase your product/services while making the whole live shopping experience fun and entertaining.

The Thrill of the Thrift, a YouTube-based seller, has a Q&A segment in all their live selling sessions. The host usually has a person assisting her during the live sale to keep the chat engaging and give the audience insights into what the brand or product is all about.

Sometimes, they request their buyers to send across questions before the sale so that they can be addressed during the live session. This practice of pre-selecting the Q&A topic and questions tend to keep the discussion streamlined without losing track of time. Such focused discussions also tend to offer an enlightening experience for the buyers sans the chaos, typically found in live interactions.

Help your buyers make hassle-free purchases

Conducting a live selling experience is pointless if you don’t make a sale out of it. If you want to convert the views into purchases you have to give your buyers clear instructions on how they could bid or purchase the item.

White Peony, a boutique that is popular on Facebook, uses comments to conduct a Facebook live sale. During their initial days of FB live selling, they merely interacted with users to confirm orders and ship them.

As their user base started growing larger, it was impossible to keep an eye on comments and track every lead by scrolling through the threads. So, they decided to use a tool that focused on converting leads to purchases while leaving them free to focus on offering a more engaging experience to their buyers.

Where does Vajro fit in the entire live selling landscape?

Live selling has taken the whole online shopping experience a notch higher thanks to the advanced features offered by many platforms. Social media channels like Facebook and Instagram have evolved to become much more than mediums for communication and networking.

However, these platforms are plagued by issues like higher drop-offs, low intent to purchase, lower conversion rates, and so on. On the other hand, a platform like Vajro not only offers a lot more convenience to conduct a live sale but also overcomes the negatives found in most social media channels through its intuitive features.

Here are some of the really unique live selling features offered by Vajro that we’re really proud of –

  • Vajro offers a next-gen shopping experience thanks to thoughtful features like product overlays on video, instant add-to-cart, and easy checkout.
  • Vajro’s tight-knit interface with Shopify ensures that the whole buying experience remains seamless within the same platform, and there are minimal drop-offs.
  • Unlike Facebook, Vajro gives you the capability to export the entire list of viewers who joined the session. This makes it relatively easy to retarget them(no action takers or cart abandoners) via marketing emails.
  • Vajro lets you leverage push notifications before a sale to incite engagement and after a sale to induce FOMO in customers who abandoned their cart. This ensures retailers drive their conversion rates higher than ever.

The End!

With little to no barrier to entry, live selling has become the right channel to sell products/services for most small and medium-sized enterprises. The best part is – creating an engaging live selling experience need not be difficult anymore. Using the tips mentioned in this post, you can create a fun-filled and engaging live selling experience that your viewers will love and come back for more.

If you’re looking for ways to streamline your live selling experience, then give Vajro a shot and see how hassle-free the whole experience can be.

Download Vajro from here.

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