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October 18, 2022

Product Recommendations in BFCM 2022: Why it Matters?


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In the late 1950s, an iconic event was born in Philadelphia. It was the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale. Seventy years later, it is still a blockbuster episode of frenzy shopping, packed with steal deals, unbelievable offers, and never-before discounts. But apart from the fervent passion and feverish excitement hovering over this event, a lot has changed over the years.

For starters, if you are a seller, the strategies you employ to succeed in BFCM have drastically changed. Yes, crazy discounts still work, but users expect much more than ‘money savings’ in 2022. They want a BETTER EXPERIENCE!

How to offer a better experience?

The best and probably the easiest way to offer an improved experience to your users during a BFCM season is by embracing personalization. Now, we are not talking about laying a red carpet and welcoming every user with a warm hug. That’s not going to happen, we know.

Instead, all you got to do is tailor every user’s experience by recommending products they might like or find useful.

It’s simple. Why do we love Netflix? Apart from the entertaining titles it houses, we all love its tailored recommendations and personalization. Right? So, if you are a seller planning to outpace your competitors in this upcoming BFCM season, then product recommendation is definitely a great strategy to adopt.

Why will product recommendations be a key strategy in BFCM 2022?

Here are 4 reasons why we think product recommendations are going to be your trump card in the upcoming BFCM 2022 sale:

Makes users stay longer

BFCM is that time of the year when people are frantically searching for deals everywhere. They do not have the time to linger on your app for long and consume every intricate detail you offer. If they don’t find something worthwhile, they are going to close the app sooner than you want them to.

Product recommendations can immensely help you with this. When visitors start seeing products they want or like, they’re going to be engaged with your app. And engaged visitors typically tend to stay longer on the app. And when they stay longer, the bounce rate is going to come down drastically. For instance, Salesforce found that customers who clicked a recommended product spent 10 seconds more than someone who didn’t.

Reduces cart abandonment

Cart abandonment is a plaguing issue for most store owners, particularly during BFCM. Why? Because users are going to add products to their cart, find a better deal elsewhere, and run away forever. Meanwhile, thousands of abandoned carts will be buried deep in your app without any action taken. You certainly do not want to be a part of this horror story, right?

Thankfully, you can easily combat this situation with simple product recommendations in the form of exit-intent popups. This way, you will show abandoning visitors the products they are most interested in right when they are about to leave your app. Not only is there a chance to prevent them from exiting, but also a possibility for them to add these new products into the cart and perform a checkout. According to Barilliance, personalized product recommendations can improve cart abandonment rates by 4.35%.

Increases AOV

BFCM is all about volume. As a store owner, your goal is to sell as many products as possible, clear the inventory, and move on. That’s not going to happen if all your customers are going to purchase just 1 or 2 items during the sale.

When you adopt product recommendations, your chances of upselling and cross-selling are going to skyrocket during BFCM. During normal days, your customers will only buy the products they really want at that time. They might not be tempted to add the recommended products, even if it is something they really like.

However, during BFCM, when they see a product that they really like at a great price, they are going to add it to the cart no matter how many products are already in it or what is the existing order value. Kappa, the leading apparel store, enjoyed an 11% increase in AOV by setting up product recommendations.

Creates a band of loyal customers

Who doesn’t like to own an army of die-hard fans purchasing from them regularly? Who doesn’t like to see their cash registers continuously ringing throughout the year? Without a doubt, most of you.

In a grand event like BFCM, you might be able to attract some new customers by giving them irresistible deals. But what happens once the sale ends? They are going to vanish, and your revenue is going back to where it all started. This is not going to help you in the long run.

When you offer tailored experiences in the form of great product recommendations, the customers will want to come back for more. Your brand will automatically become their brand of preference when they realize that they can always find the right products with minimal hassle. Salesforce again found that shoppers who clicked a recommendation were nearly 2x as likely to come back for purchases.


Embracing personalized product recommendations this BFCM season is definitely going to give you that much-needed boost to sail past your competitors. It’s going to give you more sales than you ever wanted during and after the sale.

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