Shopify e-commerce
Shopify e-commerce
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October 10, 2022

Shopify Plugins your eCommerce store needs to handle BFCM 2022


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Numbers don’t lie.

Shopify owners made $6.3 billion USD in sales between Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2021. This staggering number was achieved despite the supply chain issues and shipping delays triggered by the pandemic.

But now, with the pandemic being nothing more than a bad memory, and all the related issues resolved, this year’s BFCM is predicted to be bigger and better for Shopify store owners.

But, like always, competition galore and things are not going to be easy. You need all the help in the world to attract and convert your visitors into customers. This is where Shopify plugins can help.

Shopify plugins are software add-ons or applications that you can install on your Shopify website to expand the capabilities and functionalities of your online store.

Let’s now look at the top Shopify plugins that can help you score big in the upcoming BFCM season.

1. Vajro - Best Mobile App Builder


It doesn’t matter whether you are a large business or a small one; even a slight competitive advantage might give you a great head start in the upcoming BFCM season. One such key factor that can help you tremendously in this hyper-connected world is a mobile app.

But building a mobile app from scratch is not going to be easy. And with just a few weeks left for BFCM, it’s practically impossible to build a fully functional app that can attract and convert your target audience.

This is where Vajro’s instant app builder can help. It can help build your dream app in just 60 minutes so that you can be up and ready to face the ocean of customers this holiday season. Vajro also comes packed with powerful features, like push notifications, live selling, multi-currency and multi-language support, product labels, and pre-built themes.

Click here to try Vajro.

2. Wiser - Best Product Recommendation Tool


Product recommendations are a necessity in BFCM, more than a luxury, because it is important to keep your users engaged with your website throughout their session. Otherwise, they are going to switch to your competitors in the blink of an eye. You also need product recommendations to improve your BFCM sales and AOV by showing visitors the products they will like, bestsellers, trending products, and recently viewed ones.

Wiser, with its AI engine, automates your product recommendation strategy by offering personalized recommendations to your users. The best part about Wiser is that it can offer these recommendations at every stage of the buyer journey, right from the home page to the payment confirmation page. Some of the key features offered by Wiser include A/B performance testing, advanced upsell popups, etc.

Click here to try wiser.

3. Growave - The best loyalty and rewards tool


Did you know that 65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers? This means it’s important to run a well-planned loyalty program to show that you care about their relationship with your brand. During a sales weekend like BFCM, you can offer attractive discounts or perks to your existing customers to make them purchase more. Also, try making the enrolment process easy for new customers so that they can instantly participate in such programs and purchase more during the BFCM sale.

For all Shopify store owners, creating and managing loyalty programs becomes a breezy affair by installing the Growave plugin. Growave is a marketing app with a focus on loyalty programs, referral marketing, photo reviews, wish lists, and back-in-stock emails. This app functions with a straightforward goal - to generate traffic and increase your store’s lifetime value. Their Boost Campaign feature is particularly helpful during a high-octane sales season like BFCM.

Click here to try Growave!

And those are the three must-have Shopify plugins for this year’s BFCM weekend.

Want the complete list of plugins? Click here to download our latest ebook.

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